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5 Fall TV Shows to Stream for a Cozy Night in

5 Fall TV Shows to Stream for a Cozy Night in

The cold months are the perfect time to catch up on fall tv shows! Here are 5 shows to watch this season.

These fall TV shows will have you glued to your couch and craving more!

Cold weather and longer nights make fall the perfect time to catch up on TV shows and movies. It helps that many fall TV shows and movies come out each year, and this year is no exception.

Check out these 5 TV shows for your next cozy night in.

You: Season 3

How does a cozy night wrapped under the covers with a crazy ax murderer gracing your screen sound? It’s perfect for some! Season 3 of You was released just in time for those lazy autumn nights. If you missed the first two seasons, you’re in for a treat! You is the perfect series to binge, keeping you wanting more and more.

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks screams nostalgia, fall, and relatability. Unfortunately, this cult classic TV show was canceled after just one season, but that doesn’t stop it from being a binge-worthy heavyweight. The 18-episode series will keep you laughing and reminiscing about simpler times.

Stranger Things

Another show that bleeds nostalgia, aesthetics, and vibes is Stranger Things. While most of us are caught up on the series, that doesn’t mean we can’t return to a favorite. Rewatching Stranger Things will throw you into an alternate reality, where the only things that matter are yourself, your blanket, and your couch!


Seasonal cooking shows

Okay, this might be a broad recommendation, but hear us out. Seasonal cooking shows are some of the most binge-worthy content offered each year! Shows like Halloween Wars, Outrageous Pumpkins, and anything mildly festive punch well above their weight class. Turn on the Food Network with your favorite snack at hand for a great end of a work week!

Gilmore Girls

Let’s be honest, Gilmore Girls IS autumn. You can feel the crisp air and crunchy leaves when you watch the series. Gilmore Girls has a small-town aesthetic, making it feel extra comfy for the fall. Whether you’re new to the show or have already watched it several times, it’s sure to comfort you this season.

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