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These Autumn Colors are Taking Over in 2021

These Autumn Colors are Taking Over in 2021

Bright yellows, oranges, and pinks are taking over Autumn 2021! Find out how to style these autumn colors.


This year, bright autumn colors are taking over store shelves and runways!

Gone are the days of dull grays and browns. 2021 is bringing bright autumn colors, like yellows, oranges, and pinks to the fall season!

Check out the trending colors and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe!


The color yellow is taking over everything this fall, as it brings a timeless rainy day aesthetic that’s perfect for the cold weather. Designers like Moschino have incorporated bright yellow into suits, evening pieces, and other silhouettes throughout the season.

Try picking up a bright yellow raincoat to hop on the trend! Pair your raincoat with black leggings and boots to make it a statement piece, or use complementary colored clothing, like blue jeans, to create a cohesive look.

Scarlet orange

Another bright color taking over the streets is scarlet orange. The color orange represents warmth, change, and expression, making it the perfect fall color! Scarlet orange creates deep and rich outfits that radiate elegance.

A great way to jump on this trend is through accessories. Try styling with an orange purse this season! Make this color the statement piece of your outfit by dressing in muted blacks and grays to bring attention to your scarlet orange accessory. You can also use your nails, makeup, or jewelry to express this trend.



Pink is one of this fall’s top colors, and we’re here for it! Designers have used pink all season to create standout looks that spark inspiration. From pastels to rich deep hues, you can style pink in a variety of ways this fall.

Pink allows you to play more with fabric texture than other fall colors. Using thicker fabrics, like a teddy coat, in this color creates an entirely different outfit. This color also works great for accessories. Try a bright pink scarf to dress up any outfit!


Fall style guidelines

This autumn is about bright and powerful colors that are rich, deep, and impactful without losing their integrity. Let the colors speak for themselves as the focal point of your outfit!

Try monotone outfits in any color to create a cohesive ensemble. Use deep blues, greens, and browns to develop bold looks. Keep the overall silhouette in mind when pairing pieces to make something truly stand out.

Be sure to have fun with these autumn colors and see what works for you! Incorporate these trendy fall colors or pick your own palette. Try keeping it bright and bold this season!

What’s your favorite autumn color trend of 2021? Let us know at @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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