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8 Supplements for Staying Well During Flu Season

8 Supplements for Staying Well During Flu Season

Staying well during flu season is something we all strive for. That's why we've put together a list of vitamins and supplements that will help!

Staying well during flu season can be challenging, but it’s not impossible if you’re prepared.

It’s that time of year again — family festivities, good food, and the flu . . . We all want to keep healthy now that it’s getting colder and holiday events are in full swing, so make sure you’re staying well during flu season with some essential nutrients.

Here are 8 vitamins and supplements that can keep you healthy during flu season.

vitamin b

Vitamin B complex

While vitamin B6 ensures proper immune system function, it’s best to get enough of all the B vitamins. According to Healthline: “B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism.” Taking a vitamin B complex makes it easy to get the correct amount of B vitamins, keeping your overall bodily functions strong.


Vitamin C

Probably the most famous vitamin, vitamin C is an antioxidant and plays a role in immune system function. Vitamin C reduces the chances of getting a cold by 50% for those performing extreme physical exercise and those in cold environments, according to the National Institutes of Health. While you already may have a vitamin C serum in your skincare routine, make sure you’re consuming enough of the vitamin too — but don’t drink your serum! Eat some citrus fruits, strawberries, or broccoli to get your daily dose.

vitamin D

Vitamin D

If you’ve already heard about vitamin D, you probably heard it’s important for strong bones. That’s true! But it also helps support immune and nervous system health. Our bodies create vitamin D when sunlight hits our skin, so it makes sense we produce less when there are fewer hours of sun. How do we keep up the vitamin D in the winter? Grab some salmon, red meat, egg yolks, or vitamin D-fortified foods on your next grocery trip!



This nutrient, found in chicken and whole grains, also benefits your immune system. Not only that, it can also assist in healing wounds and improve your metabolism. According to Mayo Clinic, taking zinc lozenges or syrup within 24 hours after cold symptoms start can shorten your cold altogether!



Respect your elderberries! This highly antioxidant fruit packs a punch by being high in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Healthline states that elderberry consumption helps reduce the intensity and length of the flu. It’s easiest to purchase prepared elderberry products including liquids, capsules, and gummies. If you want to try making your own, make sure to cook the berries!



Food absorbs the mineral selenium from the soil and water where its grown. In addition to supporting the immune system, selenium helps improve cognition and fertility, according to Medical News Today. Want to get more selenium? Look for it in your multivitamin or in foods like brazil nuts, tuna, and cooked brown rice.



You may have seen echinacea tea at the store with its box telling you it supports immune function. It does! The flower was used in traditional medicines by the native peoples of the Great Plains region. Sometimes used topically for wounds and skin problems, echinacea also stimulates the immune system to better fight off infections.



Bees build their hives with propolis, according to MedlinePlus, and you can use it to build your immunity! While rarely available in its pure form, propolis fights against bacteria and viruses while also helping with diabetes. Talk with your healthcare provider to find out if a prescription is right for you, or try this Propolis Raw Honey from Bee & You.

Ensuring you have enough of these vitamins and supplements isn’t the only key to staying well during flu season. You also need good hygiene, lots of fluids, and plenty of rest.

How do you stay healthy during flu season? Let us know on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!


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