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How To Layer Fall Jackets Menrsquos Edition

How To Layer Fall Jackets: Men’s Edition

Finding the perfect outfit to beat the cold is challenging. Stay warm with these tips on layering fall jackets!

Properly layering fall jackets is an essential skill to have when creating cohesive looks.

We may be tempted to throw on the closest or warmest fall jacket in the colder months. However, dressing with intention helps create layered outfits that remain stylish and sleek.

Here are four guidelines on how to style and layer men’s jackets!

Think of these guidelines like the scales of a piano. Learn them early so you can freely express your creativity in the future.

Thinner layers on the inside

Keeping thinner layers closer to your body is a good rule of thumb. Wearing the thicker layers on the outside ensures your thinner layers won’t stretch out, and it keeps the cold further away from your body.

Try layering a henley shirt, a vest, and your favorite jacket for an elegant look!

Keep visible layers under three

Minimizing how many layers you wear is crucial to your overall outfit. Too many layers can muddy up your look and appear unnecessarily bulky. It’s also more work to wear a ton of different layers, especially when you go inside and need to remove a couple. Keep your visible layers at three or fewer to ensure your look is natural and realistic.


Darker colors go on the outside

In general, wearing darker colors as outer layers looks more elegant and cohesive. It also attracts more heat from the sun. However, you can break this rule and still look great. A gray coat over a navy blazer is an excellent example. Play with the colors in your wardrobe and see what works best for you!

Each layer should work individually

Layering is meant to be practical. If you get too hot, you can remove a layer, and vice versa if it gets too cold. That’s why you need each of your layers to work on its own. When removing a jacket, you want the layer underneath to look just as good. Ensuring each piece of your outfit works on its own gives you more versatility throughout the day.

These are just the beginning lessons when it comes to layering fall jackets. You should keep in mind the color, length, and fabric when creating a look. Try out different styles and ideas to see what works for you!

How do you layer your fall jackets? Let us know on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


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