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This Comfort Food for Periods Will Ease Your Cramps

This Comfort Food for Periods Will Ease Your Cramps

Winter brings so many beautiful changes, foods, and drinks, but it can also be a challenging time to stay healthy. Check out these winter wellness tips!

Not only are there tasty comfort foods for your period, but they also help to ease period symptoms!

Period cramps are often thought of as inevitable, but the truth is they often have a lot to do with your diet and lifestyle. Your menstrual cycle doesn’t have to be so insufferable! In fact, there are many comfort foods for your period that help to ease symptoms of PMS.

Keep reading to find out 4 comfort foods for your period, as well as 3 to avoid!

grilled fish, cooked vegetables, and fork on plate photo

Fatty fish

Seafood lovers, rejoice! The omega-3 fatty acids found in some fish, like salmon, herring, oysters, and sardines, help to relieve menstrual cramps by reducing the active hormones that cause inflammation. Pick up some of these delicious fish on your next grocery trip and stock up on those omega-3s!


Peanuts are more than just a tasty and convenient snack — they’re packed with magnesium. The mineral helps reduce bloating and boosts your mood by regulating serotonin levels in the brain.

Dark chocolate

Talk about YUMMY! Now you have an excuse to eat that extra piece of chocolate. Like peanuts, dark chocolate contains magnesium, as well as flavonoids, which are antioxidants that improve your health and endorphins (aka your body’s natural painkillers).

yellow bananas


Bananas are rich in vitamin B-6 and potassium, which cut bloating and water retention. Potassium also prevents your body from cramping, so bake some banana bread or make a fruit salad during your next cycle.

These foods are guaranteed to ease your cramps! But beware — for some extra precaution, here are three foods and drinks that can make your period cramps worse.


Say it ain't so! Even if you initially feel a glass of wine helps your period pain, alcohol is not your friend this time of the month. Alcohol makes you retain water, which can lead to bloating and inflammation. It also depletes your body’s supply of magnesium and makes you dehydrated, which are both important for relief of cramping.

Too much salt

Salt is similar to alcohol in that it can increase bloating and consequently lead to more inflammation and pain. Keep an eye out for any highly salted or high-sodium foods in the grocery aisle.


This one hurts to hear, but caffeine constricts our blood vessels. In turn, it increases tension throughout the body, which can increase pain during menstruation. Bummer, right? Maybe skip your Starbucks near or during your period.

Don’t forget to stock up on those comfort foods for your period for your next cycle. Let us know if they work for you. Tag @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!



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