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This Vegan-Friendly Foods Menu Will be a Friendsgiving Hit

This Vegan-Friendly Foods Menu Will be a Friendsgiving Hit

Your vegan-friendly foods menu doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless. Check out these four ways to accommodate and impress!

Surprise everyone at your next Friendsgiving with this vegan-friendly foods menu!

The holidays can be a stressful time for those who are health-conscious or on special diets. With just a little creativity, you can create tasty dishes that everyone can eat! Make sure all of your guests are taken care of with this vegan-friendly foods menu.

Check out these dishes to try at your next event.


Whether you’re bringing a dish or hosting the event, a great place to start the menu is with appetizers. When done correctly, vegan appetizers can be fun, colorful, and packed full of flavor. Dips and spreads are some of the easiest apps to make. Try making a hummus dip out of pumpkins, turmeric, or even butternut squash!


Another excellent way to create vegan Friendsgiving choices is to go all out on the side dishes! You can make the most savory vegan mac and cheese or create a side with your favorite vegetable. Wanna stick with classic side dishes? Try a green bean casserole, some dinner rolls, or mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy.


Main course

The most challenging holiday course for every vegan has to be the main dish. The sides are easy to make flavorful, and many common ingredients can be substituted for vegan alternatives. But how do you make a vegan turkey? The trick is to make something equally filling, rich, and hearty!

Try going with a seasonal pasta dish as your main course. The carbs from the pasta will have everyone craving a midday nap! Alternatively, try stuffed vegetables, soups, or even tarts. The key is to create something that feels and tastes like home.


Dessert is another easy win for vegan-friendly dishes. You can make vegan pies with apples, pumpkins, or pecans. You can use similar flavors for tarts and pastries. Really, any classic Thanksgiving dessert can be turned into a vegan delight by incorporating animal-free alternatives!

These are just some ideas to keep in mind when crafting your vegan-friendly foods menu for your next Friendsgiving! Always be sure to ask your guests for their dietary restrictions. Give a few dishes a trial run and see what works for the best results!

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