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The Best Makeup for Red Hair Eyeshadow and Lipstick Edition

The Best Makeup for Red Hair: Eyeshadow and Lipstick Edition

Hey, redheads — stock up your vanity with the must-have makeup for red hair.

Never struggle to find the colors that complement your hair again, and purchase makeup for red hair.

If you are a redhead, you understand the struggle that comes with trying to complement your fiery hair. Put the makeup brush down and check out the best makeup for red hair.

Prepare your beauty station with these must-haves.


As a redhead, you have to not only be aware of colors that match your hair, but also your eyes. If you have blue eyes, colors with warm undertones like brown, gold, orange, evergreen, and bronze complement your eyes the most. Green-eyed redheads look amazing in purple eyeshadows!

Brown-eyed and hazel-eyed redheads have it the best because a variety of cool and warm colors work for them. A trick to remember with hazel eyes is that pinks and purples bring out the green in your eyes, while warm colors, like brown or bronze, brighten your face. If you have rare gray eyes, you’ll want to stand out by swiping on silver or blue eyeshadow.

red hair


Now that we have the eyes down, it’s time for the lip colors that go with your fiery hair. In general, lip colors like peach, red, nude, bronze, and pink best complement your red hair. If you’re worried about trying a vibrant red with your already bold hair, don’t worry! This color combo is perfect if you want to stand out in a crowd. If you want a subtle look, we suggest sticking to light pinks, peach, and nude colors. Are you an adventurous beauty guru? Then, don’t be afraid to play around with plums or violets.

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