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Impress Guests With These Easy Thanksgiving Cocktails

Impress Guests With These Easy Thanksgiving Cocktails

Thanksgiving is the time to get together with loved ones and share a festive beverage! Take a look at these easy Thanksgiving cocktails and mocktails!

Make the most of the festive season by sharing these easy Thanksgiving cocktails and mocktails with whoever you celebrate with, and you’ll be feeling merry in no time!

Want to try something different for your Thanksgiving drink menu this year? Check out these four festive options.

Whether you’re planning a virtual catch-up or meeting with family or friends, it’s always fun to mix up the drink menu. And guess what? Putting together something impressive and delicious doesn’t need to be difficult. Easy Thanksgiving cocktails and mocktails to tantalize your tastebuds do exist!

Thanksgiving Punch Cocktail

What would a party be without punch? This appetizing fall recipe contains instructions for both alcoholic and mocktail options, so no one is left out.

With a base of sweet apple cider or champagne, along with ginger ale, fall fruits, and a simple pumpkin pie spice, it embodies the flavors of fall in an accessible way. Want it extra boozy? Add a few shots of your favorite liquor, such as whiskey or vodka, and dive in!

Maple Manhattan

It’s fun taking a tried and tested cocktail and giving it a little Thanksgiving twist. If that sounds like your jam, you’ve got to try this maple Manhattan.

The touch of maple syrup in this classic bourbon drink works so well, you might end up making it all year round! Take your favorite bourbon, a dash of vermouth, and a tablespoon of sweet maple syrup. Shake it up with some bitters, and there you have it! Perfectly topped off with a glistening maraschino cherry. Classy.


Red Bull Cranberry Mocktail

After all that incredible food, the hankering for a post-dinner nap might be creeping up on you! If you fancy a bit of a pick-me-up instead, why not try this Red Bull cranberry mocktail?

It’s got the traditional flavors you love: apple, cinnamon, and ginger, along with a hit of energy, a refreshing burst of lemon, and aromatic rosemary. The best part? No need for a shaker — just mix it in the glass.


Classic Hot Toddy

There’s nothing quite like a cozy, warm mug of hot toddy around Thanksgiving. The simple combination of healing lemon and soothing honey gently melted in warm water is also a great tonic for cold weather sniffles.

However, please don’t add whiskey if you’re taking medication that interacts with alcohol. Even if you’re feeling great, this classic cocktail is a must in your festive drinks repertoire. Vegan? Sub honey for maple syrup. Don’t like whiskey? Try making it with your favorite rum!

Do you have a signature fall drink that deserves sharing? We’d love to see your easy Thanksgiving cocktails! Hit us up on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on @mobilestylesapp.


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