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Dehydrated Feet No More Winter Hydration Tips

Dehydrated Feet No More: Winter Hydration Tips

Follow these hydration tips for dehydrated feet to rid yourself of cracked soles.

Protect your skin with these hydration tips for dehydrated feet.

Less moisture in the air means our skin gets more and more dry. While the change is more noticeable on your face, there’s one place we can’t forget: your feet. Once winter arrives, you may notice your soles starting to peel and crack. If they get really bad, these cracks can cause immense pain and bleeding. Check out these hydration tips to survive the winter without dehydrated feet.

Follow these six tips to keep your feet moisturized!


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

First and foremost, proper moisturization should be at the top of your mind when trying to cure dehydrated feet. If your body isn’t retaining enough water, your skin dries out. The best way to fix this is to apply moisturizer daily with foot creams and unscented lotions. Drinking enough water every day will also help to keep your feet hydrated.

Clean your feet

Dehydration and other ailments can occur when your skin’s pores are clogged. Your feet are no exception! Dirt, bacteria, grime, and germs can fill the pores in your feet, which can cause dehydration, foul smells, athlete’s foot, and more. Wash your feet with lukewarm water daily to keep your pores clear.


Greasy feet

If lotions and creams are not doing the trick, it’s time to move on to the next best thing — grease. Just like lotion, oils are rich in moisture. Coconut oil, avocado oil, and petroleum jelly are perfect alternatives to thick butters and lotions. It’s best to apply these oils right after you bathe for optimal results.

Bath treatments

For homeopathic relief, you can also try bath treatments. One of the best treatments is an oatmeal bath, as oatmeal is proven to help lock in moisture. The best part? You can find the ingredients in your pantry! Another bath treatment you can try is one with Epsom salt. Epsom salt is perfect for soothing cracked feet. For both treatments, use lukewarm water and a hydrating lotion after you’re done.


Rotate your shoes

While you may enjoy wearing the same pair of shoes every day, we recommend stopping that habit. Shoes can hold bacteria, germs, and excess moisture for long periods. Overwearing the same pair can cause health issues for your feet. Instead, let your shoes air out between each use. If you need a specific shoe for work or school, we recommend buying at least two pairs.

Check your feet

The best way to stay on top of your foot health is to constantly check them. Stay on the lookout for sores, redness, cuts, scratches, and discoloration. These features not only cause dehydration, but other ailments as well. If you continuously treat your feet and they do not improve, contact your doctor immediately.

By following these tips, you can fix your dehydrated feet in no time. For more skincare help and advice, book an appointment with a PRO esthetician in your area. Download the MOBILESTYLES app today and find a PRO near you.


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