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Beauty Industry Dos and Donrsquots for Client Retention

Beauty Industry Dos and Don’ts for Client Retention

These dos and don’ts for client retention could secure you that extra income and work stability that’s so tricky in the health and beauty industry.

Improving your client retention rate could secure you that extra income and work stability that’s so tricky in the health and beauty industry.

The secret to growing any business is knowing how to keep your current clients happy!

How do you stand out from the crowd in a saturated market? Your clients already expect you to provide them with great service and a friendly experience. Make a lasting impression that guarantees client retention with the dos and don’ts we’ve gathered for you!


Do follow up with clients on a regular basis

Make it easy for your clients to remember you as an outstanding professional with these four basic follow-ups:

1) A friendly message when they first reach out
2) Appointment reminders
3) A quick “thank you” after each service
4) A friendly reminder when you haven’t seen them in a while

Do use templates to save time

Make sure you always send a professional message, not a rushed reply. Use a text automation app, such as aText, or your phone’s text shortcuts to save time. Instead of typing the same messages over and over again, you can type a few letters to send full messages within seconds.

Do treat every client as if they’re your best client

It’s rare for someone to take the extra time to show they really value their customers. An occasional discount or bonus service is a sure way to delight your clients!

Don’t forget to reply to their calls or messages

Try to run your business with a one-to-two hour response time policy. Your image as a professional depends on the respect you show for your client’s time — they love knowing they can rely on you to schedule appointments or answer their questions in a timely manner.

Don’t underestimate personalized answers

Whenever you send a pre-fabricated message, take a couple of extra minutes to add a personalized touch. If they mention an event they’re excited about or a movie they want to watch, make a note of it and ask them about it the next time you see them.

Don’t shy away from asking for referrals

Most people feel good about themselves when they get to help someone else. When you ask for a referral, you’re giving your clients a chance to do you a small favor that won’t cost them anything. Recommending you to someone else also reinforces their reasons for choosing you amongst every other beauty professional.

The way to differentiate yourself in the beauty and health industry is by paying attention to the details. Spark up your client retention rates when you show sincere interest in your clients! That means doing a bit more than other professionals and avoiding the common pitfalls.

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