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Quickly Determine Your Skin Type With a Skin Type Test

Quickly Determine Your Skin Type With a Skin Type Test!

With a quick skin type test, you can discover what type of skin you have and what products are best for you to use!

Once you determine your skin type through a quick skin type test, you can create your perfect skincare routine.


Self love starts with taking care of your skin! It’s the largest organ in the body and should be treated with respect. With a skin type test, you can discover what products are best for your skin to avoid irritation and breakouts.

Here’s how to determine your skin type!


Does the following apply to you?

-Shiny or greasy appearance
-Large pores
-Frequent breakouts

These are signs of an oily skin type! Use a salicylic acid cleanser to remove excess oil, as well as an oil-free moisturizer. Exfoliating two to three times a week also helps to remove dead skin and unclog pores.


Does the following apply to you?

-Slight to severe flaking or peeling
-Easy irritation
-Rough, dry patches

If yes, you have dry skin! Dry skin can hurt when it’s under-moisturized. Try a hydrating, gentle cleanser that cleans the skin without disrupting the outer layer. It’s vital to pack on as much moisture as possible, so add hyaluronic acid, vitamin C serum, and a good moisturizer to help combat the dryness!


Does the following apply to you?

-Oily T-zone
-Dry cheeks
-Frequent breakouts

All these point to you having combination skin! The key for combination skin is to manage and balance the oil in your skin. Similar to oily skin, using a salicylic acid cleanser can really help with excess oils. However, make sure you’re providing enough moisture in the dry areas of your face, as well. Don’t be afraid to put serum on only the areas where it’s needed.

We hope this skin type test helps you perfect your skincare routine! Consult your dermatologist with any questions about your skin type and if you’re considering starting a new regimen. Let us know what your skin type is by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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