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Ladies You Need to Try Herbs for Menstrual Cramps

Ladies, You Need to Try Herbs for Menstrual Cramps

Support your body’s natural functions with herbs for menstrual cramps. These 6 herbs are scientifically-proven to work better than painkillers!

Adding herbs for menstrual cramps to your diet will naturally balance the hormones responsible for the pain.

Even though taking a painkiller may help once in a while, keep in mind that they aggravate the situation in the long term.

We get it — sometimes you want the immediate relief of anti-inflammatory drugs. The problem is they irritate your system with frequent use. That’s why natural medicine practitioners recommend supporting your body’s natural functions and avoiding discomfort altogether. After a few weeks of incorporating herbs for menstrual cramps into your diet, you should feel much more comfortable during your cycle.


What causes menstrual cramps?

The reason you may hug your knees and cry during a particularly painful period is an excess of hormones in the uterus. First, the lining of your uterus might over-thicken if your diet is high in estrogen. Then, your body overcompensates with other hormones called prostaglandins to break down the uterine lining. The more lining your body needs to break down, the more pain you feel.

Interestingly, the hormone build-up begins during the early part of your menstrual cycle. That means you can avoid the monthly week of pain if you keep your hormones balanced naturally with herbs.

How do herbs relieve menstrual cramps?

The healing principle behind herbs is that they activate blood circulation. This cleanses blood and masses that may have settled in your abdomen and uterus. At the same time, herbs release anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic compounds that support your hormonal balance.

According to Korean Medicine studies, herbs are superior to painkillers because they improve the inner environment. Consuming herbs regularly will prevent menstrual cramps and other symptoms like headaches, sore breasts, and mood swings. You should notice a significant difference after two periods.

On the other hand, painkillers relieve your symptoms temporarily and leave you vulnerable to long-term disorders of the liver, kidney, and digestive system.


How to include 6 herbs for menstrual cramps in your diet

Incorporate herbs into your diet in a variety of ways for maximum efficacy and enjoyment! As with any other foods, consume them in moderation.

  • Ginger: Make tea from fresh rhizomes, cook in soups, or use ginger powder to season meals.
  • Fennel: Shred bulbs for salads, cook in soups, or use as a food garnish.
  • Chamomile: Make tea from dried flowers, use fresh heads in salads, or infuse rice with the flower tea.
  • Cinnamon: Use as seasoning for fruits, pancakes, waffles, smoothies, or take with a tablespoon of honey.
  • Linden: Make syrup from dried blossoms, drink as tea, or cook sauces for seafood and white meats.
  • Turmeric: Sprinkle over rice, oatmeal, or fruits; use in salad dressings; or use turmeric powder to season white meats, stews, and beans.

The pain you feel during your period is optional. Start fortifying your body today with specific herbs for menstrual cramps and you’ll only ever curl up to enjoy a movie — no painkillers required.

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Disclaimer: This post does not intend to provide medical advice. You should always check with your doctor what diet changes you can make if you have underlying health conditions. Furthermore, if you have severe menstrual cramps, it could be a sign of a problem your healthcare provider should examine and diagnose.



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