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Holiday Season Relaxing Things to do to Reduce Stress

Holiday Season Relaxing Things to do to Reduce Stress

Feeling stressed and anxious about the holiday season? Check out these six relaxing things to do to decompress!

Find relaxing things to do this season to keep the stress at bay.

During the holiday season, there are ample events and activities that bring joy and long-lasting memories. However, the holidays can also cause lots of anxiety and stress. Make sure you have a list of relaxing things to do whenever you’re feeling anxious.

Here are six ways to relax during the holiday season.


Walk outside in the sun

As the weather gets colder, we stay indoors for longer periods of time. This limits our exposure to natural sunlight to whatever shines through our windows during the day. Going for a walk outside while the sun is out increases the production of serotonin, decreases anxiety, and improves sleep. Try incorporating a 30-minute walk into your daily routine and experience the stress relieving benefits for yourself.



Stretching doesn’t only prepare your body for exercise, it also loosens tight muscles. When these tight muscles begin to release their tension, blood flow improves and more endorphins are created in the body. Add an easy stretching session before bed to fall and stay asleep easier.



Opening a book, graphic novel, or poetry collection gives you something to focus on to forget about the stresses of everyday life. Skipping the TV for a good read gives your eyes a break from the harsh lights of electronic screens, making it easier to fall asleep at night. When choosing what to read for relaxation, select something that doesn’t require intense concentration, but rather something you can easily read and get lost in.



Journaling, specifically on paper, can be a cathartic way to unwind. By writing your thoughts down, it’s easier to process how you’re feeling and see trends in your emotional wellbeing over time. Not only that, but journaling makes it easier to push negative thoughts out of your head.


Turn off technology

Constant phone notifications and email alerts distract you from whatever you’re doing at the moment and contribute to increased stress. The light from electronic screens also makes it harder to sleep at night, leading to additional stress from being under-rested. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, turning off your electronic devices in favor of activities like reading, baking, or art can contribute to feelings of relaxation and peace.


Get a massage or acupressure treatment

Physical tension in the body can lead to increased levels of irritation and anxiety. Massages and acupressure treatments can relax tense muscles, reduce anxiety, and soothe joint pain. If you’re looking for a massage or acupressure session in the comfort of your our home, download the MOBILESTYLES App and book a PRO near you.

This holiday season, make a list of relaxing things to do when you’re feeling stressed so you’re ready to face whatever is thrown your way.


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