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5 Cleaning Equipment Tips to Prevent Germs From Spreading

5 Cleaning Equipment Tips to Prevent Germs From Spreading

Disinfecting equipment is crucial in the beauty industry. Check out these cleaning equipment tips to reduce cross contamination.

Keep yourself and those around you safe by following simple cleaning equipment tips to reduce the spread of germs!

The chances of getting sick greatly increase during the colder winter months. Not only does the chill of winter wear down your body’s natural defenses against infections, but the dry air of the season increases the likelihood of disease transmission. Use these 5 cleaning equipment tips to ensure your tools are always protected from germs.

Here are 5 ways to keep your equipment clean.


Clean all reusable equipment after each use

Many beauty tools can be reused several times including makeup brushes, nail clippers, and eyelash curlers. Clean the equipment you use multiple times throughout the day between each appointment to prevent germs from the first client traveling to you and your next client. Make sure to wash the tools with warm water and soap, rinse with hot water, and dry with a lint-free cloth.


Bring back-ups just in case

Each appointment, there’s a chance you’ll accidentally drop one of your tools. There’s no way to know what germs, dirt, or debris are on the client’s floor, so you’ll need clean your tools if you drop a piece of equipment. Rather than bringing cleaning equipment and spending extra time cleaning again, stock your bag with extra cleaning tools you can easily grab to continue the appointment.


Lay down clean towels

Similar to floors, you don’t know the last time a client cleaned their counters and tables. Lay down a clean towel or mat to place your equipment down safely during the appointment. Remember to wash the towel or mat before using it again!

washing hands

Wash hands before touching equipment

Your hands can carry germs just like your equipment. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before touching your tools to reduce disease transmission. If you’re in a pinch, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol as a substitute.


Remember to clean your bags and trolleys

As a traveling beauty professional, you likely have a couple of bags or trolleys to carry your equipment around in. Even if you only put clean equipment in your bags, they can still accumulate germs and dust of their own. Regularly cleaning the items you use to transport your tools reduces the likelihood of viruses and bacteria traveling with you.

Build your cleaning routine around these cleaning equipment tips to create a safe and germ-free experience for you and your clients!

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