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Cant Ice Skate Here Are 7 More Winter Date Ideas

Can't Ice Skate? Here Are 7 More Winter Date Ideas!

It's cold, you're feeling romantic, but you don't know what to do... We came up with a list of the best winter date ideas for you and your S.O.!

But what are some winter date ideas for those of us with two left feet?

If you can’t ice skate, that’s okay! There are terrific winter date ideas other than skating that will have your partner falling head over heels!

Here are our top winter activities for you and your partner!

Build a snowman

Building a snowman takes us back in time to when we were children. The process is creative, fun, and most importantly — free! If there’s snow where you live, take your partner outdoors and try crafting the perfect snowman. Afterward, you two can cozy up at a bar or head home for a warm night in.

Look at Christmas lights

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, Christmas lights are a beautiful spectacle! Viewing Christmas lights is almost like a free fireworks show — the night is filled with “oohs” and “ahhs.” This might be a quick date, so be sure to have something extra planned just in case it’s going well!

hot chocolate

Make hot chocolate

Hot chocolate may be the single best thing about the winter months. Challenge your partner to see who can create the best hot chocolate. If you’re old enough, you can spike it with coffee liqueur or bourbon for an extra fun night in.

Have a snowball fight

Snowball fights are the perfect surprise date idea. Walking to the car with your partner? Grab a handful of snow and pelt them from behind, challenging them to a fight. This date is the perfect quick moment to bring spice into your relationship and day. Or if you’re on a first date, it’s perfect to ease the nerves! Just make sure the surprise will be welcome.

Go holiday shopping

Some of you reading this are probably cringing in your seats. How can you make going to a packed shopping mall romantic? Well, the holiday decorations, gifts, and lights make it pretty easy!

Have a cozy night in

Who doesn’t love a comfortable night in with someone they love? Try catching up on holiday movies with your partner. Bake some cookies, pour some wine, and snuggle up together for a beautiful night in!

ginger house

Make a gingerbread house

Building gingerbread houses together is another date that brings us straight back to childhood. The fun, creativity, and teamwork will fill your kitchen with laughter and joy. Try pairing this date with some hot chocolate for an incredible date night!

These are just a few of our winter date ideas. You and your partner can also try going sledding, catching a hockey game, or anything else that comes to mind!

What are your top winter date ideas? Let us know at @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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