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The Best Way to Define a New Yearrsquos Resolution

The Best Way to Define a New Year’s Resolution

How should we define a New Year’s resolution? They mean something different to everyone, so this year, why not get to the root of what they mean to you?

How do you define a New Year’s resolution? Set achievable, positive targets this year and notice how your life changes for the better.

If you’re asked to define a New Year’s resolution, several ideas may spring into your mind — stop eating chocolate, exercise more, work harder — the usual. These are all common, and, you guessed it, largely unhelpful targets.

So this year, let’s set some thoughtful intentions for 2022, with a focus on realistic, achievable, yet powerful outcomes.


The pressure to set goals can be overwhelming and leave us feeling deflated. Why not re-think your intentions for the coming year and shift the focus to well-being?

Break big goals into smaller ones

Did you know that a shocking 80% of new year’s resolutions fail? The main reason is they’re simply too broad to be achievable goals. Not only does setting an open goal such as exercising more overwhelm us, but it also gives us no indication where to start, and no quantifiable measurements for success!

Instead, break down your goals into far more manageable pieces. More helpful targets in this example could be: working toward practicing more mindful eating habits, or trying a new form of exercise this month. Notice how both of these examples not only give you somewhere to start, but also work toward your overall goal?

Put your mental health first

We honestly can’t say it enough: always be kind to yourself. Piling on the pressure ultimately leads to burnout, disappointment, and feeling like a failure. Instead, try to recenter your focus on targets that improve your life and your mental health, before anything else.

Define a New Year’s Resolution in a way that works for you. And why not treat yourself for all your hard work by booking a treatment through the MOBILESTYLES App, wherever you are!

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