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Regifting Pro Tips You Canrsquot Forget

Regifting Pro Tips You Can’t Forget

There’s nothing wrong with regifting. Check out these tips to help you on your gifting journey.

‘Tis the season to save money!

Holiday season is all fun and games until you see your bank account. A great way to still participate in the month of giving, while saving major cash, is through regifting. Regifting is where you take a past present that you don’t want or won’t use and gift it to someone else.

Get all the pro tips on regifting below!


Pick the right people

Before giving away past gifts, you need to know the most important rule of regifting an item. Never give the gift back to the same person. Give the present to someone outside of the same family or friend group. While there’s nothing wrong with gifting a present you know you’ll never use, you don’t want to insult the person who originally gave you the item.

Wait six months

If the gift doesn’t have a season tied to it, we recommend waiting about six months before regifting an item. Waiting a little bit of time helps you determine if you truly don’t need it. Plus, it may work as a last-minute gift that you don’t have to shop for when a birthday or event comes up. However, if the object is perishable or revolves around a specific holiday or season, you should regift it as soon as possible.


Attend a White Elephant or Secret Santa

Have a present that you want to get rid of ASAP? Attend a White Elephant party or become a Secret Santa! These parties are perfect for people who have multiple gifts they want to get rid of. The best part is that it’s 100% anonymous.

Change the packaging

If your gift is still in its original wrapping or bag, we recommend ditching the old one and placing it in a new one. Changing the packing adds more thought and character. It also can be a dead ringer if the person who first gave you the gift saw their original packaging. Therefore, avoid all unnecessary drama by placing it in different wrapping.

gift idea

Add to the gift

Just because you are regifting a gift doesn’t mean you can’t add on to it. Adding a couple of items can take the present you didn’t want and elevate it to something even better. Many people take the presents they’re regifting to create baskets. For example, if you received a candle, you can pair it with spa items, a book, food, etc.

Personalize it

Some items you may get have the space to personalize, like cups, shirts, frames, etc. This is a great idea if you own a Cricut or Silhouette machine. Personalizing a past gift takes it to the next level. Plus, you are adding more effort into the gift, which is always great.

With these tips in hand, you can become a pro at regifting. Even though you came here to learn how to get rid of past gifts, we also want you to have other options. Download the MOBILESTYLES App today to get health and beauty certificates from our PROs in your area.


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