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Everything Youre Looking for in a Winter Sangria Recipe

Everything You're Looking for in a Winter Sangria Recipe

Delight the guests at any party with a holiday secret of your own. The unique ingredients will have your guests begging for this winter sangria recipe.

“Can I pour myself some more?” is what your guests will ask when you make this winter sangria recipe.

Delight all your guests with a holiday secret of your own — this sangria recipe has everything you’re looking for.

Feel the holiday cheer in the air: the pretty lights, the unrestrained laughter, and the winter sangria recipe that brought everyone together because of how extraordinary it was. Learn the secret behind this recipe! Everyone will be lowering their cup to say, “This is delicious! Have you tried it yet?” with responses like, “Yes! They really outdid themselves with this one.”

“Goodness! What’s your secret for winter sangria?”

This recipe balances light flavors with sweet and fruity notes. The unique yet easy-to-find ingredients will have your guests begging for the recipe. What’s the big secret?

1. We use Lambrusco wine, instead of the popular Cabernet Sauvignon. The berry flavor shines through and Lambrusco is naturally sparkly, so you won’t dilute a good wine with too much sparkling water.

2. Use fuji apples or a similar variety. You want an apple that will stay crisp and sweet after macerating in wine.

3. Add herbs! Mint or rosemary will infuse your sangria with playful earthy notes to really hit the spot.

4. “Spill” a bit of brandy for the final depth of nutty flavors, a hint of caramel, and a floral aftertaste.

winter drink

A winter sangria recipe to hit the spot


1 juicing orange
1 lime
2 peaches, peeled and cubed
1 fuji apple, peeled and cubed
1 bartlett pear, peeled and cubed
1 cinnamon stick
1 liter dry Emilia Romagna Lambrusco wine
1 liter sparkling water
1½ Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp honey or agave
¾ cup Brandy
2 mint or rosemary sprigs


1. Add the peeled fruits, cinnamon stick, and herb sprigs to a large glass pitcher.

2. Dissolve the sugar and the honey or agave over a low fire to make a simple syrup.

3. Coat the ingredients in the pitcher with the simple syrup.
4. Squeeze the orange and lime juice, then drop the whole peels into the pitcher with the juice.

5. Add the wine and the sparkling water. Stir well.

6. Let sit for a minimum of two hours. Overnight works the charm.

7. Remove the orange and lime peels, and the herbs.

8. Mix in the brandy before serving.

Standing beneath the mistletoe, relish the secret that makes this winter sangria recipe so delicious. Smile as your guests interrupt your musings — they’ll be showering you with praise for a sangria that finally hits the spot!

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Meta Description: Delight the guests at any party with a holiday secret of your own. The unique, yet easy to find ingredients will have your guests begging for this winter sangria recipe.


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