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3 Ways to Avoid Lulls in Conversation With Clients

3 Ways to Avoid Lulls in Conversation With Clients

Say goodbye to uncomfortable lulls in conversation and hello to fun icebreakers to keep the consultation going.

Skip lulls in conversation with these ice breakers!

Let’s be honest — one of the hardest parts of working in the health and beauty industry is effectively communicating with your customers. You or your client may be too shy, leading to that uncomfortable lull in conversation that no one enjoys. Feel at ease every time a new person comes through the door when you try out these ice breakers.

Follow these tips to learn more about your clients.


Include a talking or focal point

An easy way to break the ice in your office or salon is to have a talking or focal point. This statement piece can easily lead to conversation, which you can use to expand upon and keep the conversation flowing. Focal points could be art pieces, photos, awards, paintings, and certificates. If you don’t have any of these items, putting on music, movies, or television shows in the background can also work as a talking point.

Know the right questions

The most common way to break the ice is to ask questions. While you want your customers to open up, make sure to ask questions that make them feel comfortable. Start with questions centered around why they’re there and what their plans are for after the appointment. From there, they may slowly open up and allow you both to continue a conversation.

Have a game plan for children

Unless you are an adult-centered company, you will have children as clients. While some little ones are social butterflies, others are as quiet as a mouse. When talking with children, you’ll want a few different ice breakers. Options include quick games, candy, toys, magic tricks, music, or a movie. Feel free to ask their parent or guardian what their child likes before the appointment.

With these ice breakers, you’ll create a comfortable, friendly environment that will avoid lulls in conversation and keep your customers coming back. Are you a health and beauty professional struggling with finding and booking clients? Look no further than MOBILESTYLES. We are an inclusive, innovative app that connects talented hairstylists and other health and beauty PROs to sophisticated, on-the-go individuals anytime, anywhere. Download the app to become a MOBILESTYLES PRO today!


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