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How To Ask a Client for Before and After Photos

How To Ask a Client for Before and After Photos

Taking before and after photos allows potential clients to see your skills. Check out these tips on how to ask your clients for them!

Before and after photos give potential clients the chance to see your skills in action before making their decision.

Clients appreciate a digital portfolio of before and after pictures when they’re deciding which beauty professional to book. These pictures confirm whether or not you’re able to provide the look a client desires. By knowing how to ask your current clients if you can take before and after photos, you ensure that you’ll have a large selection to pick from when finalizing your portfolio.

Check out these seven tips for asking if you can take pictures.


Ask politely

While you should be polite during all interactions with your clients, it’s especially important when asking for before and after pictures. Clients are doing you a favor when they agree and should be treated as such. Asking politely also increases the chances your client will accept.


Explain why you want pictures

Clients will feel more comfortable getting their picture taken if you explain what you’ll do with the pictures. Some clients may not want pictures of them posted on certain platforms for personal reasons. Make sure you outline all ways you may use the photos, including your MOBILESTYLES portfolio.


Offer photo editing, if needed

If a client expresses being self-conscious about how they look, you should first reassure them. But if they point out specific features they’re self-conscious about, you can offer to do some light photo editing so you’re not publishing something giving them anxiety. Always receive permission before editing photos of your clients, otherwise they might assume you hold negative opinions of their looks.


Allow them to pick the pose

We all photograph better at different angles and poses. Allowing your client to pick gives them the opportunity to select a pose they feel comfortable in and know works for them. It also increases their buy-in to the process, as they may feel they have some stake in how they turn out.


Take multiple pictures

When you limit yourself to taking only one before and one after picture, you run the risk of the client not liking that photo and ditching the entire idea. By taking multiple pictures, you’ll have a better chance of getting shots they like and are comfortable with you using. Having a wide array of options also gives you the opportunity to switch pictures down the line or coordinate all your pictures in a certain aesthetic.


Give them the final selection

After you have a couple pictures you like, give your client the chance to give their input! Clients want to know exactly which picture you’re going to use, and if they’re making the decision, they’ll be more invested in the outcome and may share the pictures on their socials, increasing your exposure. If your client selects the final picture, they will get some peace of mind knowing exactly how they’ll look in your portfolio.


Ask if they should be tagged

If you’re posting the pictures on social media, it’s best to ask if your client should be referred to by name and/or tagged in your post. Some clients may not want their name or account identified in the post, so you want to ask permission first. Once they’ve agreed, remind them to share it with everyone they know!

Before and after photos can be the deciding factor when potential clients are considering booking with you. Send MOBILESTYLES your photos and we’ll promote your work across our fan base in our Just Completed feature. Make sure you know how to approach your current clients to ask for before and after photos, and don’t forget to add them to your portfolio!

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