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5 High-Impact Exercises for Your 2022 Workout Routine

5 High-Impact Exercises for Your 2022 Workout Routine

Ready for a new you in 2022? Here are 5 high-impact exercises you need to add to your routine!

One way to spice up 2022 is by adding new and challenging high-impact exercises to your weekly routine.

High-impact exercises are movements that put high levels of impact on your joints. The high amounts of jumping and quick actions are excellent for cardiovascular conditioning, strengthening bones, and burning calories.

Here are the top exercises you need to add to your routine in 2022!


Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a fantastic high-impact exercise you can add to your routine in 2022. It can improve bone density, coordination, and agility, all while burning calories! Jumping rope can be done as a warm-up or included as a stand-alone exercise.


Although many of us dread the treadmill, we can’t deny running is one of the most effective exercises of all time. Whether you’re running for long distances or short sprints, running improves your cardiovascular conditioning. On top of that, running also enhances your heart health, strengthens muscles, and burns calories!

Other forms of plyometrics

Plyometrics are exercises that involve jumping with the goal of increasing power. Burpees, box jumps, and similar exercises are all forms of plyometrics that improve your condition, coordination and benefit your health.



Gymnastics is another excellent form of high-impact movement. These exercises take a great deal of coordination, core strength, and cardiovascular conditioning. Joining a gymnastics group is a fantastic way to meet new people, stay in shape, and learn new skills!


Sports can be another way to get high-impact exercises into your routine all throughout 2022. Basketball, soccer, and even tennis all use high-impact movements to improve full-body health. Joining your local sports club is a great way to start incorporating some of these movements into your week!

These are just a few high-impact exercises to start doing in 2022. Jumping jacks, squats, and burpees are movements to check out as well. Be sure to check with your doctor before changing your exercise routine.

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