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How To Get Rid of Those Pesky Keratin Plugs on Your Skin

How To Get Rid of Those Pesky Keratin Plugs on Your Skin

Keratin plugs on the skin can be a sign of keratosis pilaris, which often worsens in colder months. Here are some tips to treat and prevent it.

Keratin plugs are a common and totally treatable skin condition that may flare up in the colder months.

Here are some of the most effective remedies to treat those rough bumps on your skin.

Do you have raised bumps or “chicken skin” on your upper arms, thighs, or face that gets worse in winter? These keratin plugs signal that you may have keratosis pilaris. Luckily, it’s a harmless condition that usually clears up naturally over time.

What is keratosis pilaris?

Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that occurs due to a build-up of keratin, a hair protein. This excess of keratin can block growing hair follicles, resulting in small raised bumps. It can be genetic, but those with dry skin, other skin conditions, or fluctuations in hormones are more likely to experience it.

With that said, here are some soothing yet simple treatments to keep your skin feeling as smooth and supple as possible this winter.

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Give manual or chemical exfoliation a go

Try dry brushing or taking a warm bath while using a gentle body scrub to slough off the dead skin cells that contribute to blocked pores.

Chemical exfoliants, microdermabrasion, and retinols are also known to help treat KP, but it’s always best to speak to your dermatologist before trying something new.

Try specialist moisturizers

There are various moisturizing creams and lotions on the market that can help target and reduce the appearance of bumps on the skin. Look for products containing urea or lactic acid — we love Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion!

Keep the air moist

It’s common for KP to flare up in cold weather, as heating indoors creates dry air. Counteract this effect by using a humidifier to boost the air’s moisture levels, and make sure your showers and baths aren’t too hot!

With a few simple steps, you can reduce or even eliminate keratin plugs. Let us know what works for you by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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