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Essential Natural Crystals and Their Healing Benefits

Essential Natural Crystals and Their Healing Benefits

Want to know what all the hype is about essential natural crystals? Here are some of the most treasured stones and the ways they heal both body and mind.

Discover the power of crystals from nature!

People across the world use natural crystals as meditation aids or wear them as jewelry.

Here are four healing crystals and how they improve your life.

Thinking of getting into the magical world of natural crystals? Take a dive into some of the most sought-after stones and their potential impact on your physical and mental health.

Rose quartz

This pretty pink stone is one of the most purchased healing crystals. You can even buy beauty tools made of it! As the color might suggest, its benefits are centered all around love. It’s said to restore harmony in all types of relationships and promote trust and respect. Many also claim it helps provide welcome comfort in times of grief and increases self-esteem.


The undeniably striking purple amethyst is said to be an excellent meditation aid, helping to focus the mind and support ongoing healing journeys. It’s also said to be effective at alleviating general feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety.



Luminous yellow citrine is hailed as the stone of abundance and prosperity. Its users claim it invites success and happiness, while also helping manifest our deepest desires. It’s also been used to help stimulate productivity and creativity.


Known as the stone of protection, this deep black crystal is said to create a powerful shield against both emotional and physical negativity. Promoting self-discovery and reflection, its fans also state it aids in detoxifying the body, improving digestion, and reducing pain levels.

Have you uncovered any particular therapeutic crystals that work for you? What’s your favorite way to integrate natural crystals into your life? We’d love to know your thoughts! Hit us up on our socials — @mobilestylesapp on Insta, Facebook, or Twitter.


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