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Timeless advice to help you sleep easy and live happy

Timeless advice to help you sleep easy and live happy

Life is short. There’s no getting around that, but here’s some timeless advice to make it feel more enjoyable along the way.

Timeless advice is timeless for a reason.

What we need is a key to our problems. A key to making life more bearable and our journeys more palpable. Here are 10 pieces of timeless advice to make life more bearable.

Here are 10 MOBILESTYLES guidelines to living a fruitful life.


1. Always sleep on it

This piece of advice applies to everything you may or may not be planning to do. Thinking about reaching out to an ex, sleep on it. Thinking about confronting a friend, quitting your job, or confessing your love to someone, you know what I’m going to say, sleep on it. No matter what the decision is, always take the night to sleep on it. While we may think that we have our best thoughts at night, more likely than not said thoughts can be rash. Staying up late at night, staring at the ceiling, contemplating fate and the universe, our sleepy brains tend to overreact. Because of this, it’s always better to take some time to think, to let yourself ponder. The best way to take care of yourself is to think through every decision you make.


2. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Kelly Clarkson’s timeless words outlast their early 2000s origins. When you think about what you can live through, you realize that everyone is amid their own personal struggles. There’s so much that a person has to live through, but there’s always more to face. Having this mantra in makes it easier to get through those tough times, because these words reassure that there will be an after. One day you will look back on today and be proud of yourself.


3. Always eat a snack

Many people say that it’s unhealthy to go to bed angry. The same is true for hunger. If you let yourself be hungry then you won’t be in your right mind to function. People are irrational when they are hungry. Before you react to a situation make sure that you take care of your basic needs.


4. When in doubt write it out

People have a habit of getting stuck in their own heads. The best way to mitigate this is to stick everything flying around in your brain onto the written page. Stress makes it so that escape feels impossible sometimes. However, when you externalize your thoughts, it makes it easier to deal with and process them.


5. It’s better to know than to wonder

There are a lot of unknowns in life. No matter how boldly you live there will always be “what ifs” that haunt the back of your mind. However, if that bothers you there are always ways to mitigate that issue. Just always take the risk. If it’s not going to hurt your mind and body, go for your wildest dreams. Wondering if something is going to happen can be haunting. It’s better to try and fail than to wonder and contemplate.


6. Honesty is the best policy

This phrase is a classic because it rings true. What we learn in kindergarten holds fast today. No matter what you’re going through, be honest with the people you are closest to. Sharing your burden makes it far easier to carry. Trust that the people who love you will support you in times of hardship.


7. Have faith in yourself

Why do we trust other people more than ourselves? We’re each the captain of our own lives so we deserve to treat ourselves well. Because we’re always in our heads we forget sometimes that we have accomplished a lot in our lives. We’re the sum of our victories, not just our mistakes. Sometimes you must trust your instincts and see where they take you. It won’t work out every time, but the more power you give to yourself the more deserving you will be of it.

8. Jump in feet first

Life is scary, new opportunities can be even scarier. That’s why it’s best to jump into the unknown feet first. Immerse yourself in what you’re unsure of. This way you know that you are pushing yourself to your furthest limits. If you’re trepidatious then you may never be able to live life to the fullest.


9. Treat yourself!

If you’re going through a hard time, then you don’t have to grin and bear it. It’s hard to deal with everything so you should be able to treat yourself for getting through it. Treats motivate you to keep moving forward. If you want to reward yourself then all you need to do is think of a small treat that you can use to motivate yourself.


10. Lead with kindness

Life is hard, that’s true, but we only have one. Everyone is just doing their personal best every day. So, it’s always best to lead by example, to show the world an example of what it could be if it put its mind to it. Lead with kindness. Acting with understanding puts others at ease. It creates an environment where it’s okay to take risks and to live life to the fullest.

Have you heard any of these tips before? What pieces of timeless advice do you follow?

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