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Thoughtful Valentinersquos Day Gifts for Clients

Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Clients

We’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for clients to help you keep their loyalty. You will spring to mind the next time they need a PRO.

For some, Valentine’s day has become just another commercial day. For you, it’s a chance to remind your clients that you value them.

What better way to say “I love your loyalty” than with thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for clients?

Show you’re committed to delighting when you present your customers with a customized gift from the list below — they’ll love having you as their PRO!

Many customers expect chocolates and a discount as tokens of your appreciation. Break their expectations and warm their hearts for the whole year! Your thoughtful and genuine gesture of appreciation will spring to mind the next time they need a PRO. We’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for clients to help you keep their loyalty. Pair any of the gifts below with a coupon and watch your jar of hearts fill up!


A bottle of wine with a ribbon:

A classic gesture! Maybe your client already has a mountain of chocolates. A bottle of wine will complement them nicely. However, not everyone drinks, so try to find out early on if this gift will be a good fit. To make this gift even more heart-warming, customize the label with your client’s name. Not sure which wine they might like? As a rule of thumb, a bottle of Merlot gratifies most palates.

image 2

A gift card in an envelope

Here’s one of the most appreciated gifts. Even a $10 gift card shows you thought of your client! If you know your client likes a particular restaurant or store, get the gift card from that place and add a quick note tailored to them like, “Enjoy a chai latte on me this Valentine’s Day!” If you can deliver it in person, even better. That way, you can add a sincere remark about how much you appreciate working with them.


Custom gifts from

Looking for something that your clients won’t find in any store? The artists on Etsy will personalize stunning Valentine’s Day gifts for you. Browse from small favors, like these mugs that you can fill with treats, to body care packages like this one. The best part about these gifts is that the client will keep you in the back of their mind throughout the year.

Commercial holiday or not, your customers will love feeling appreciated. Offer a sincere gesture of Valentine’s Day gifts for clients — beyond chocolates and coupons — to exceed their expectations. That gesture could make you pop in their minds every time they need a PRO — one who truly cares about them!

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