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You May Go Vegan After Tasting This Amazing Vegan Pizza

You May Go Vegan After Tasting This Amazing Vegan Pizza

Amazing vegan pizzas can be hard to come by. Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for you. Read on for more information!

From roasted vegetables to spicy vegan chorizo, these amazing vegan pizzas will have your mouth watering!

Vegan cuisine has gained tremendous popularity over the years — andnd for good reason. These ingredients taste incredible and are even better for you and the planet. But, a truly amazing vegan pizza can still be hard to come by.

Here’s a list of our favorite vegan pizzas!

vegan pizza

Are there good vegan pizza delivery options?

Unfortunately, a lot of the big pizza delivery chains still lack vegan options. These chains typically offer vegetarian alternatives, but they still contain animal products.

Luckily, restaurants like MOD Pizza and Blaze Pizza are picking up the slack. Both of these restaurants offer dairy-free cheese and vegan toppings. Blaze even offers faux meats, like their Spicy Vegan Chorizo.

These restaurant chains have over 800 locations combined. MOD and Blaze Pizza use a fast-casual and create-your-own pizza design. This restaurant-style allows you to create and customize your vegan meal.

What's the best frozen vegan pizza option?

Don't worry if you can't make it to a sit-down restaurant or don't have one available. The frozen food section can still answer your vegan pizza cravings!

Brands like Amy's are revamping the frozen food aisle by offering nutritious and affordable meals. Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza is a crowd favorite, offering slow-roasted onions, roasted red peppers, and organic shiitake mushrooms.

Another people-pleasing pizza is American Flatbread's Vegan Harvest. This pie has the closest resemblance to restaurant-style pizza. The dairy-free mozzarella is creamy, melty, and satisfying. And the best part is — this pizza is only 260 calories per serving!


What are some good vegan pizza recipes?

Pizza toppings have become a controversial topic. Conversations around pineapples, pepperonis, and cheese alternatives can tear nations apart. But we know one thing for sure; there are some fantastic vegan pizza recipes!

One of our favorites is vegan margherita pizza alternative. This 20-minute recipe uses cashew-based cream as a mozzarella substitute. On top of that, the simple flavors from fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil make this pizza an instant classic!

Another recipe to pull inspiration from is by Love & Lemons. This recipe brings tons of fresh veggies for a crisp and refreshing meal. What we love most about this dish is how versatile it can be. You can recreate this recipe using whatever leftover vegetables and ingredients you have on hand.

These are just a few amazing vegan pizza options for you to explore! You can find local restaurants that serve fantastic vegan pizzas or make your own at home.

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