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Update Your Wardrobe With Recent TV and Movie Fashion

Update Your Wardrobe With Recent TV and Movie Fashion

Check out the best recent TV and movie fashion and how to incorporate them into your closet!

Outfits seen in movies and TV can inspire everyday looks.

Even if the costumes seem intertwined with their characters, recent TV and movie fashion is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

It’s always a good time updating your closet to include fresh, new pieces. Take inspiration from recent TV and movie fashion to switch up your outfit staples.

Check out our fashion picks from 10 recent movies and shows!



While the events of Dune happen in the distant future, and primarily surrounded by sandy deserts, the costumes have pieces that work wonders in modern society. The film’s fashion looks heavily feature flowing scarves and shawls — perfect additions to your spring outfits. To closely match the futuristic fashion, pair the loose and lightweight fabrics with tight-fitted shirts and pants!



The Netflix animated show, Arcane, depicts two sisters who fight on opposite sides of a war — one of whom sports vibrant blue hair that complements their grunge aesthetic! Add a black crop top, striped pants, and some long gloves to your wardrobe to emulate the look. If you want to differentiate your look from the costume, ditch the gloves for a jacket or switch up the pants pattern.



The most recent Disney animated film, Encanto, features beautiful and bright-colored clothing that’s perfect for the upcoming spring season! Take inspiration from the Madrigal family by creating a head-to-toe look using only shades of the same color. Not ready to commit to an entire outfit of bold colors? Pick one brightly colored article of clothing, then match it with the neutrals in your closet.


The Great

Period shows like The Great always feature big gowns and royally expensive looks that aren’t exactly feasible for everyday wear. However, there are still ways to be inspired by the fashion of the rich and royal. Look out for pieces that feature small, intricate designs in a similar shade to the rest of the clothing. These seemingly minor additions pull their weight when creating a sense of dimension within a look!


House of Gucci

A movie about a famous and successful fashion brand was destined to showcase great fashion. Lady Gaga’s turn as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci gave us a look perfect for the rest of winter! After you’ve put on your favorite red dress, layer up with a fur or faux fur coat and several accessories for a sophisticated statement.

squid game

Squid Game

Netflix’s Squid Game may seem like an odd choice for fashion inspiration, but the South Korean survival drama features a versatile look you need to add to your closet. Pick up a neon jumpsuit and wear it fully zipped up for a head-to-toe pop of color, or, wear it unzipped for a bright pair of pants and makeshift “jacket tied around the waist” aesthetic. Play around with different styles and colors . . . and ditch the full-face mask, unless you want to scare your neighbors!



Similar to period pieces, superhero costumes tend to translate a little awkwardly into everyday fashion. Marvel Studios' Eternals gave us metallic pieces garnished with geometric detailing. Incorporate either of these design choices into your wardrobe for something sure to make you stand out!



Another recent Marvel project, Hawkeye, showcased some outfits that fit better with modern fashion. Look no further than Clint and Kate’s purple clothing for your next shopping inspiration. Try out a purple and black jacket or get bold with a pair of purple pants!



As Spencer depicts Princess Diana’s decision on ending her marriage and exiting the royal family, it was bound to have some exquisite fashion. Kristen Stewart wears a couple of the late princess’ iconic looks, but the red and green checkered wool coat takes the cake! Play around with different complementary color combinations, such as yellow and purple or orange and blue, for a look outside the traditional holiday colors.


Gossip Girl

The reboot of Gossip Girl may not be at the same quality level as the original, but the preppy school uniform looks work seamlessly with modern fashion! Sport an untucked dress shirt with a loosely fit tie for an outfit that’s both classy and casual. Opt for a neutral pair of pants or grab your favorite skirt to complete the look!

Recent TV and movie fashion can translate perfectly into our everyday looks. While copying the entire look may be easier, pick each outfit apart and find the items that best match your current closet.

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