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10 Reasons to Skip Renting a Salon Chair in Todayrsquos Economy

10 Reasons to Skip Renting a Salon Chair in Today’s Economy

Working out of a salon has its pros and cons. Today, we're unpacking these 10 reasons why you should skip renting a salon chair!

Salon chair rentals are common practice in the industry.

However, there are ample reasons why renting a salon chair may not be the best option.

If you’re fresh out of beauty school, it’s tempting to do whatever it takes to get work immediately, but make sure you do your research before jumping into an arrangement to avoid future hardships. We’ve got 10 reasons to skip renting a salon chair, as well as an alternative way to get work fast.

Check out the reasons you should skip the salon chair rental!


Rental costs could decrease your profits

Salon owners determine how much it costs to rent a salon chair at their establishment, making sure their expenses are covered. If the salon resides in a more expensive neighborhood, the salon chair rental undoubtedly will be higher than those in cheaper areas. Depending on how high the rental cost is, renting a salon chair may leave you with less profit than other business opportunities.


Costs are fixed (even if business is slow)

Throughout the pandemic, salons have faced closures and severely slowed traffic. During these times of slower business, the salon owner isn’t obligated to adjust the rental cost of a salon chair. If only a few clients are visiting your chair, you could end up owing the salon more money than you made.


Compete with other stylists renting chairs

Stylists renting salon chairs likely aren’t the only ones doing so in that salon — they’ll be searching for potential clients in the same areas you are. To truly compete with the other stylists, you could lower your prices to incentivize clients to book with you, but that would also lower your profit margin.


Owner can change your rental fees

Salon owners can add in clauses to the rental agreement determining when and how they can alter the rental fee. If you’re not careful, the rental costs could increase frequently and/or drastically, reducing the profits you gain from each appointment. Rather than scouring through rental agreements and trying to decipher through legal jargon, it may be easier to skip the salon chair rental and opt for other business avenues.


Owner can terminate your rental agreement

In addition to raising the rental fees, salon owners have the power to terminate the rental agreement according to the contract you signed. While it differs between agreements, this could mean your chair rental will end abruptly, leaving you without work.


Potential for branding conflicts

As an independent stylist renting a salon chair, you’d be responsible for your business’ brand. Additionally, you’d need to uphold any salon branding that’s established or implemented. With two different brands to maintain, there will likely be some areas of conflict.


Need to represent yourself and the salon at the same time

Independent stylists do have to represent the entire salon, in addition to themselves. This will include answering the phone and interacting with other stylists' clients. This can be an especially frustrating feeling if you’re looking for more clients and you’re having to help their clients book their appointments, check in, and so on.


Advertising will likely be your job

Salon owners who rent out chairs may not publish any marketing for the whole salon. In order to attract clients, you’ll have to develop your own marketing strategies and implement them for yourself. Even if the salon owner does advertising for the salon, potential clients can still pick other stylists who rent chairs there.


Need to stay on top of bookkeeping

Working as an independent stylist means you have to keep track of your revenue and expenses, especially for tax purposes. Depending on the salon setup, there may not be an automated system of bookkeeping, leaving you to do so manually. Using an app such as MOBILESTYLES can help you keep track of your booking history to make tax season a breeze!


Clientele is limited to close proximity to the salon

By renting a salon chair in a specific salon, you limit yourself to those who are already frequenting the salon and those willing to travel there. In geographically larger cities, clients will likely prefer to find a salon closer to their home or work. If your salon chair is too far from them, you lose them as a potential customer.


Renting salon chair alternative: MOBILESTYLES

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These 10 reasons to skip renting a salon chair provide enough excuse to find alternative options. The volatility of salon chair rental may cause more struggle than it’s worth.

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