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6 Muscle Tension Treatments to Start Experiencing Relief

6 Muscle Tension Treatments to Start Experiencing Relief

Aching muscles can result from minor injuries while exercising, to remaining sedentary for too long. Check out these 6 muscle tension treatments to help!

Muscle soreness happens for a variety of reasons.

Whether it’s due to exercise, illness, or poor posture, muscle tension treatments help your body feel better again.

Muscle aches and pain can seem like they never fully go away, but with some exploration, you can find the perfect muscle tension treatment to relieve pain.

Check out 6 ways to soothe your aching muscles.


Exercise more

Leading a primarily sedentary lifestyle can cause increased tension, as the muscles aren’t moving as much as they should. While intense exercise can also lead to muscle soreness, incorporating short walks or yoga sessions into your day can help eliminate your current tension. If you live close to work, try walking to work a couple days a week to keep the blood pumping!


Adjust posture

When we’re practicing good posture, our spine can get out of alignment and cause aches all over. The next time you’re sitting down at work or home, try paying attention to your posture. Sit up straight, roll your shoulder back, and keep your chin up — the more you stay here, the better you’ll feel.

Take active breaks during work

Staying seated for the entire work day can be detrimental to your posture. To keep your muscles free from sedentary tension, try a standing desk or take a short, three-minute walk every hour. If your lunch break is long enough, try taking a short exercise class for a midday pick-me-up.


Stretch daily

Stretching helps to relieve muscle tension stemming from all sorts of causes. After you’ve warmed up, focus on stretching the areas where we commonly hold tension — the neck, shoulders, and back. Make sure to ease into each stretch and back off if any stretch starts to cause pain.


Enjoy a hot bath

Heat is proven to help soothe muscle tightness. Soaking in a hot bath is a great way to relieve muscle tension, especially if you add essential oils or Epsom salt. While taking the bath, keep tabs on how long you’re soaking, as too much steam inhalation can lead to dizziness and fainting.


Get a massage

During a massage, massage therapists apply different kinds of pressure to release muscle tension from the body. Swedish massages are better suited toward general relaxation, while deep tissue massages specifically focus on tense areas with deeper pressure. Your massage therapist will also ask you about any specific areas they need to address, so be sure to tell them!

Try these muscle tension treatments and determine which ones work best for you. Make sure you listen to your body whenever it starts aching and help it soothe away the pain.

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