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5 Tips to Safely Apply Hair Color for Kids

5 Tips to Safely Apply Hair Color for Kids

Kids' hair is younger and more vulnerable than adult hair, so check out these tips to safely apply hair color for kids!

Worried about hair dye damaging your kids' hair?

By following to safely apply hair color for kids, you can give your child a new look without causing harm.

Children love to explore and experiment with new things, including their hair color! However, regular hair dye isn’t the safest for their hair health. You can help your child try a new color by following our tips to safely apply hair color for kids.

Check out these tips to keep your child’s hair healthy while still getting to play with fun colors!


Use temporary or semi-permanent dye

Permanent dyes contain chemicals that can damage hair when used too frequently. Coupled with the fact that children’s hair is more susceptible to chemical damage, staying away from permanent dyes is the best move. Opt for a temporary or semi-permanent dye without the harsh chemicals to keep the hair safe. It’s also your best bet if your kid tends to change their mind often!


Avoid any contact between dye and skin

The same rule applies when coloring adult hair — avoid getting the dye on the skin, including the scalp. The chemicals in certain dyes can hurt the skin, especially the more sensitive skin of children. Focus the dye on the ends of the hair, slowly making your way up to the root, being careful not to touch the scalp. Apply a thin, protective layer of Vaseline around the hairline to shield the skin from any excess dripping.


Try hair chalk or crayons

Hair chalk and crayons are great ways to switch up hair color without damaging hair follicles. Unlike chemical dyes, these temporary alternatives only deposit color instead of penetrating the hair cuticle. They’re also more fun to use than regular dye, giving your kids some excitement while dyeing their hair.

safe DIY hair dye

Make a safe DIY hair dye

Box dyes and other chemical-based dyes aren’t the safest for coloring hair, especially the young hair of children. Making a DIY hair dye ensures you know exactly what ingredients are going in, so you can color the hair without excess worry. If your child wants their hair color to fall in the red and purple spectrum, try using a DIY hair dye made of beet juice for a safe, natural alternative!


Leave it to the PROs

When in doubt about coloring your child’s hair, contact a hair professional for their expert knowledge and services. Their techniques and products can safely dye your child’s hair and relieve the stress of doing it yourself. If you can’t head to the salon, book a MOBILESTYLES PRO hairstylist who can come to your location in just two hours!

These tips to safely apply hair color for kids will allow your child to switch up their look without causing damage to the hair. Trying the DIY beet juice hair dye? Show us the result on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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