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The Surprising Power of Facial Yoga for Skin

The Surprising Power of Facial Yoga for Skin

We uncover the advantages of facial yoga for skin, including easing facial tension, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and strengthening facial muscles.

Try a new workout — for your face!

The benefits of facial yoga for skin are pretty mind-blowing. The best part? It’s totally free!

Facial yoga might just be your new skincare obsession — let us explain why.

If you’re a skincare junkie, or just always on the lookout for new ways to treat your skin, then this one’s for you. Facial yoga for skin has been shown to have a plethora of beauty benefits, especially when practiced regularly. We love how accessible it is, with an array of techniques and tutorials readily available online.

What is facial yoga?

Facial yoga can simply be described as a form of exercise for your face. It involves activating your facial muscles and using your hands to perform certain targeted movements. You can even create a personalized routine based on your skincare goals. Let’s look at why it deserves to be a part of your routine!


Relaxes facial muscles

Similar to massage, it can help effectively alleviate tension in the muscles of the face. And in the same way as exercise, over time, it can tone these muscles, making them both stronger and tighter. Did someone say free facelift?

Smooths lines and scars

Not only does facial yoga relax and tone the muscles, but it is also used to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and fade scars over time. If you’re worried about pigmentation or acne scarring, it’s definitely worth a try!

Makes skin glow

Performing facial yoga exercises helps to boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. The result? Hello rejuvenated, radiant-looking skin!

Facial yoga for skin is a wonderful and accessible practice that we think deserves way more recognition. Will you give it a try? For even more incredible skin, why not treat yourself to an expertly-crafted facial, wherever you are. Book now through the MOBILESTYLES App, available on the App Store and Google Play.


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