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Take These Trends into Your 2022 Spring Break

Take These Trends into Your 2022 Spring Break

Spring Break 2022 is going to be filled with Y2K aesthetics, twee styles, and bold prints. Here’s everything you need to know for Spring Break 2022.

The warmer months are upon us and with that comes Spring Break.


Here are some of the top trends you can expect this spring!

Spring Break 2022 is filled with a variety of styles, moods, and statements to fit nearly every personality. This year, you can expect Y2K fashion, twee styles, and staple pieces to reign supreme.

Y2K fashion

Fashion is like history; it often repeats itself. In 2022, Y2K aesthetics are making even more of a comeback. You can expect baby tees, denim, tie front tops, and even bandanas to be in style.

Twee styles

Twee styles reminiscent of early 2010s Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift are making a comeback in 2022. Mini skirts, loafers, and oversized collars are expected to have a high impact this spring.

Staple pieces

As always, staple pieces will never go out of style. Classic pieces like button-down shirts, blazers, and baggy bottoms make fabulous outfits for spring 2022.

Oversized bags

Oversized bags are making a comeback this spring. When we say oversized, we mean oversized. Giant totes and bags are expected to be all the rage during Spring Break 2022.

Platform shoes

With Y2K styles being back in fashion, so are platform shoes. Imagine your favorite Bratz Doll; this is what will be trending in spring 2022. Breaking out a pair of platform sandals, clogs, loafers, and heels can elevate your look this spring.

Bold colors

High saturated colors and tints are in this spring! Previous trends utilized bright colors sparingly. Now, you can throw on as many bold colors as you’d like.

Bright prints

Floral prints and patterns are excellent for vacation and loungewear. This spring, you can expect flowing floral dresses and gowns. Try mixing and matching different patterns and textures to really stand out this spring.

These are only a few of the Spring Break trends you can expect this year. Y2K aesthetics reminiscent of Bratz Dolls are all the rage in 2022. Twee styles, oversized bags, bold colors, and staple pieces are other areas to explore.

What’re your favorite Spring Break trends of 2022? Let us know on Twitter at



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