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10 So-Called ldquoBitchyrdquo Qualities of a Tough Woman

10 So-Called “Bitchy” Qualities of a Tough Woman

A tough woman displays a whole variety of wonderful traits that make her who she is. Assertiveness, passion, and independence should all be celebrated!

Let’s re-frame alleged “bitchy” traits and call them what they really are: qualities of a tough woman who knows what she wants from life.

We’re diving into the array of amazing feminine attributes to be proud of, not hide!

Women often feel programmed to “censor” their behaviors to come across in the right way. Let’s work toward changing that. Here’s a list of supposed “bitchy” traits that are actually super desirable features of a true tough woman.

1. You’re assertive

Read: “bossy,” and perhaps one of the most unfairly misinterpreted attributes in women. If you’re comfortable delegating and are a natural leader, don’t be afraid to show off your skills!

2. You won’t be taken advantage of

You stand your ground. Make people aware when they’ve upset you and let them know you won’t put up with poor treatment. Sounds more badass than bitchy!

3. Your confidence shines through

Throughout history, women have been told to be modest. Often, that confidence comes across as arrogance. We disagree. Not being afraid to show how self-assured you are is 100% a strong woman trait.

4. You have standards

If you’ve nailed down the rules you live by and set clear boundaries, you’re a resilient woman. We should all be taking notes!

5. You’re happy in yourself

It’s only human to struggle with self-doubt occasionally. But if you’re ultimately content in being the person you are right now, you’re winning, girl!

6. You’re passionate

Passion is a wonderful emotion to express. It shows you care and that you’re a strong-willed woman who follows her heart.


7. You’re independent

Independent women are some of the toughest out there, totally capable of fulfilling their own wants and needs. Don’t let the jealous critics get to you — live your best life!

8. You’re a feminist

Despite how far the feminist movement has come, there’s still stigma. Being unashamedly feminist and discussing feminist issues isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

9. You don’t put on a front

Ever been told you should “smile more”? Women that don’t feel the need to look happy to please others are the strongest ones. Always present your truest self to the world, no matter what.

10. You take your career seriously

Being a “career woman” comes with a heap of stereotypes. It’s often implied that you’ll do anything to get to the top. Quite the contrary: if you’re not afraid to hit that grind to get to where you want to be, all the more power to you!

If you’re a tough woman who gets labeled as “bitchy,” we hope this has given you the boost you need to realize you’re incredible and to live your truth! Keep doing what you’re doing and join the conversation by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with your thoughts.


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