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The Cashless Age Weve Found the Best Payment App for That

The Cashless Age: We’ve Found the Best Payment App for That!

We created a best payment app list for stylists in an ever-increasing contactless world.

The best payment app must be secure, contactless and convenient.

Keeping up with modern times and making payment for your clients as convenient as possible is vital in this day and age. Plus, in the era of “contactless” payments, convenience and safety go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it’s important to find the best payment app out there. Your clients will be looking to you to make their visit with you easy in terms of appointment scheduling, reminders and of course, payment. We came up with five of the best payment apps for salons to use that not only make payment easy for your client, but also will make your accounting more organized.

Find the best payment app for stylists!


This point of sale app service is popular in the restaurant world, but stylists have caught on to it lately. There’s an appointment-based system and a way to manage payroll.


Probably one of the more popular point of sale systems, Square works on pretty much every device and even on your website. Square is ideal for both small and large businesses and is convenient for keeping everything in one place. Take advantage of the hardware they offer, as well, for ease of use.

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One great thing about Venmo is that pretty much all your clients will already have it. This is a quick and easy form of payment, but you will need to make sure you are keeping track of all your transactions for tax purposes. Paypal works similarly.


This is a great app that is perfect for professionals in the beauty business. It is like they have thought of everything from online booking, payment processing, marketing and even website building. The amount you pay for their services is based on how many employees you have, so it remains reasonable.


This is a common point of sale system that is easy to use. There are different options for different systems based on what is best for your business. Clover offers sales tracking and reliable customer support.

Another important aspect when accepting payments is making sure that the system or app you are using is secure. Customers these days are looking for trustworthy payment options with safety in mind when it comes to contactless choices. The best payment app is the one that puts the clients’ needs of convenience and reliability first.

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