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5 Steps to Achieving Work-Life Harmony and Balance

5 Steps to Achieving Work-Life Harmony and Balance

Busy PROs of America, do you feel trapped in a grind? Unable to spend time for your loved ones, hobbies, or health? Work-life harmony can be had — just read on!

Caught in a constant tide of overwork but don't know how to get out for good? Is your schedule being devoured by your inner gremlins? The kind that push you to overwork? Know that you'll need all the power of practice and intentionality to find solid work-life harmony and balance. Allow us to bail you out now with our 5 terrific tips of advice featured here.

Maybe you're caught in a tiring cog of self-deception — one that espouses that you can grind away at work without the other areas of your life taking a hit. Au contraire, mon ami — allow us to rescue you! We invite you to learn about work-life harmony in our explorations of the concept below. (P.S.: Work-life harmony is not a myth.)

Dear PROs, prioritize work-life harmony and balance in your life so you can have some robust R&R!

Step 1: Have an answer as to why you are overworking

Multiple reasons feed into our need to overwork. Some of these may include:

- It is enjoyable.
- You build and maintain a good identity through work.
- You enjoy the experience of big-to-minor victories at work.
- You love how time moves forward and flows as you work.
- You enjoy the value and/or status of your job position.

However, attached to the points above is the pressure of our own jacked-up expectations. Grasping the root reasons behind why you overwork will help you escape the overwork cycle.

Step 2: Align your goals with the multi-faceted aspects of life

Establishing goals in more than one area of life is how you start prioritizing work-life harmony and balance from the start. When you consider work tasks to fuel your primary reason for being, you ignore multiple aspects of other life domains. However, all domains are intermeshed and connected — they all matter. Have your life goals reflect this as much as possible.


Step 3: Set constraints that are appropriate

Wise people believe constraints lead to greater freedom, creativity, and productivity. This may sound counter-intuitive, but work will expand to absorb as much time as you give it. Set clear and hard limits on when you kick off your work day and on when you want to wind down. Doing this protects your other life domains and officially has your constraints helping you, your loved ones who want your time, and your work peers who need to know when they'll be able to count on you.


Step 4: Seek to grasp what harmony feels like in your life

Work-life balance and harmony is more than just rest. Dynamic, often kinetic, and joy-inducing — a different animal from your more quiet moments — true balance can span a spectrum of emotions. Requiring continual tweaking and attention, your key understandings of work-life harmony shift as you get older. Don't believe your version of harmony to be the same as somebody else's — or even the same from your current year of life to the next.

Step 5: Share your plan as you implement it

To attain work-life harmony and balance, share your understanding of it with the people who depend on you. Your partner, work peers, assistant, boss — all need to be in the loop about what your ideal week looks like. Spare time to fill them in on the whys and hows behind your visionary goals for your future. By doing so, you'll have a support system you can tap into at any time that helps you land a good work-life balance.


Your never-ending day-to-day cycle of overwork can end now, so that your personal life comes FIRST. You have the complete freedom to prioritize what is most meaningful to you. So what are the steps you’ll take today to power-drive-forward into splendid work-life harmony and balance?

Our 5 steps for achieving work-life balance can revolutionize areas of your life, so long as you implement these with celerity and aplomb. Pay continued visits to the super-easy-to-use MOBILESTYLES App to stock up on our shiny, polished, platinum-dipped advice for your PRO biz.


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