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Gym Skin Exists mdash What You Can Do to Avoid It

Gym Skin Exists — What You Can Do to Avoid It

While working out feels amazing, it can also take a strenuous toll on your skin. Gym skin can arise out of nowhere, but what is it?

When you're a regular gym rat and your skin is feeling dehydrated, dull, or breaking out, you may be a sufferer of "gym skin." The term, born out of the understanding that constant workouts lead to the lackluster skin condition, is making the rounds in beauty circles. Warn your friends about it.

Your heavy-hitting gym workout habits can be to blame for your gym skin, if you feel you have it. And if you feel you don't, why risk acquiring it? Your skin and body deserve your maximum love and respect. This truth underscored, read on for our tips on how to avoid the yucky skin condition. You got this!

You’ll be able to work on your dream body and have your mind be at peace when you avoid gym skin.

Take immediate post-workout showers

Seemingly obvious, it sometimes happens that we overlook showering immediately after a sweaty workout. This is a bad idea — always — since dry sweat can clog your skin's pores and give way to unsightly acne flare-ups and spots. All the fugly bacteria mixed in with our sweat can lead to skin infections and rashes when not properly soaped up. Keeping your shower temps at a not-too-hot level is vital, too, as this can dry out your skin even further.

Clean up the makeup before you hit the gym

While we all want to look our best while working out, a face full of makeup can actually hurt you more than help you! Higher body temps during a workout and sweat will open your pores which can then be clogged with makeup particles - these often give way to bumps, lumps and spots. Embrace the red face and learn to clean up the makeup before your exercise routines.


Book regular massages

Good reasons exist as to why you should pencil in booked massage sessions to your calendar, but these reasons become all the more important when you're exercising. A massage facilitates your range of motion and flexibility, which creates better fitness routines and helps expunge toxins from the body, as well as remove dead skin. These can give you an enviable glow while dramatically improving your skin tone.


Wipe down gym machines

A stream of people use and sweat on gym machines, which means the equipment's surfaces can host large colonies of bad bacteria. Afflictions like fungal infections, ringworm, and warts can reach your skin if gym machines are not properly wiped down. Make sure you hygienically clean all equipment that is meant for the gym community before you use it, and pay a favor forward by cleaning any equipment you've just finished using.


Spending more time at the gym means you're taking more hot showers — this can adversely impact your skin. While post-shower moisturizing should always be top-of-mind after you shower, it's vital to exfoliate two to three times a week. Spring for a high-quality scrub or book an appointment with a body exfoliating PRO. The latter can easily complement your regular body or massage treatments.


Our advice points above can save you from nasty gym skin — many a skin-treating PRO has encountered the problem and can help you overcome it. Don’t be another victim! Simple, easy-to-implement, and effective, the practices above will have you boasting a supple skin, rather than one with a poor look and feel.

Don’t let the affliction of gym skin surprise you out of the blue. Have a PRO help you keep your skin free from this gym-derived problem. All manner of body care sessions can be booked with just a few simple phone-screen taps when you use the fabulous MOBILESTYLES App. Download today!


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