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In the Beauty Business Learn the Fine Art of Saying No

In the Beauty Business, Learn the Fine Art of Saying "No"

When your beauty business clients take advantage of your generosity and kindness, set boundaries. Life is too short.

Our clients trust us with their deepest secrets, but we must remember, this is the beauty business.

We love our clients. They are our friends. Many of them are like family. When you’ve had a regular client for 10 to 20 years, you consider them like more than just a client, and they consider you like more than just their stylist or beauty business professional.

When the client and business relationship collide, what should you do?

Where does this relationship cross the line? When you have to raise your prices? What if they take advantage with canceling appointments? What if they ask you questions about your personal life that might be taking it too far?

It is important to keep in mind that your customers are your customers. Of course you know the names of their children and you may have even listened as they shared with you some very personal details about their marriages — all those things come with the territory — but that doesn’t mean that they get to push your boundaries.

Yes, it’s important to set boundaries early on with your client relationships. Absorbing and carrying on your clients’ problems as your own will only lead you down a path of stress and burnout.


How to set boundaries:

-Learn to say “no!” Saying “no” takes some getting used to, especially when you are in the business of pleasing your clients. Communication is key in this regard. You may want to tell your clients about something that could pose as a conflict with something they are referring to. When it comes to your boss, you’ll need to make sure you are communicating if you need a break or if they are asking too much of you.

-Setting boundaries with coworkers takes a little something called “self-control.” Remove yourself from situations that are toxic to you or are causing you stress. Remember that you can’t control anyone but yourself.

-Do not overbook yourself out of guilt. Stick to a schedule and do not go over that. You need self-care and the only way to get that is with time. You have to make sure you are making time for yourself, as well as making time for appointments.

-Find a quiet place for breaks during the day. Enjoy some time alone in between appointments here and there.

It would be impossible to be as close to every client as the stylists are in the movie Steel Magnolias. It is okay to love your beauty business clients, but it is also okay to prioritize your own mental health and set personal boundaries.

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