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Why You Should Consider Beauty Professional Insurance

Why You Should Consider Beauty Professional Insurance

If you’re offering mobile haircuts, mobile esthetics, or other health and beauty services, beauty professional insurance is definitely worth considering.

If you’re a mobile hair colorist or offer mobile esthetics or other health and beauty services, beauty professional insurance is an essential consideration.

Here’s why professional liability insurance should be on your to-do list!

Insurance: it might not be the most exciting subject, but it’s nevertheless a key part of protecting yourself and your business in a variety of potential situations. We explain the types of beauty professional insurance you should consider taking out, how they work, and how doing so could benefit you.

Professional liability insurance — what is it?

There are several types of insurance that will help to safeguard your health and beauty business, including general liability insurance, property insurance, and professional liability insurance, which we’ll be covering in more detail in this post. So, what is professional liability insurance?


In a nutshell, while general liability insurance protects your business from any claims resulting from personal injury, property damage, or bodily injury, professional liability insurance protects you if you’re sued for a variety of other reasons. These could include:

  • Losing personal data: Personal information should be highly protected at all times, and there are various laws that require this. If for whatever reason, any kind of sensitive data on a client is lost or compromised, they may choose to sue you.
  • Emotional distress: While you’ll hopefully never have to worry about causing emotional distress, accidents happen to the best of us. Mistakes such as leaving hair dye on too long causing burning, or not washing off a face mask quickly enough could lead a client to sue for emotional distress and even loss of earnings.
  • Treatment errors: Similarly, even with the best intentions, there may be an incident where a treatment doesn’t quite go according to plan. Perhaps a client has a reaction to an ingredient despite previous patch testing. Your customer could then sue for their medical costs and, again, loss of earnings.

Professional liability insurance is sometimes referred to as E&O, or errors and omissions. What this essentially means is that if a client feels you made a mistake or wronged them in some way, they have the potential to sue you. If you don’t have cover, you may be liable to cover compensation, medical bills, and significant legal costs, even if you feel their case has no grounds. Therefore, it’s certainly worth investing in for your own peace of mind!

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