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Freshen Brighten Your Skin With an Acupuncture for Face

Freshen, Brighten Your Skin With an Acupuncture for Face

A round of acupuncture for the face has skin healing properties that make the pain of needles worth it, say traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

Acupuncture for face might not be most people's idea of a relaxing beauty treatment, but your skin may really need it.

So small and so ultra-thin, the acupuncture needles are not as painful upon insertion as you might imagine. It’s definitely worth trying if your skin has been feeling too out-of-balance lately.

Acupuncture for face needles are inserted into skin energy points that are scientifically dubbed “meridian points” by the Chinese. Over a more-than-bearable period of time, the needles aid in healing the body by reducing stress and tension that otherwise tire and puff up the skin. Several sessions of the treatment help rejuvenate and revive facial skin — for a more beautiful look, period!

Facial acupuncture can wonderfully complement your beauty routine habits if you've never sprung for it before!

Here are our answers to your top most burning facial acupuncture questions.

Question #1: What are the tangible benefits?

Women often turn to facial acupuncture when they want an effective, non-surgical alternative to heading off aging. Professional acupuncturists say the treatment boosts circulation in the face and stimulates collagen production — two key factors for reversing the getting-old process. The needles leave micro-wounds that aid in jumpstarting the skin regeneration process by boosting oxygen and blood flow to certain skin layers. This decreases the look of tired or puffy facial skin.

Question #2: What happens in a facial acupuncture session?

A proper facial acupuncture is not just about sticking needles into your face, haphazardly. Trust that it's not ever meant to be tried at home. Before your session begins, your acupuncturist will evaluate what your skin needs and inform you on how it can be improved through the treatment. Then, she gently inserts up to 80 needles into certain meridian points across the face and body. The idea is that your meridians change and improve the overall look of your facial and body skin, as you sit back and remain relaxed throughout the session.


Question #3: Sounds enticing, but does it hurt?

Small pricks of pain are to be expected during your first session, but it should ultimately pan out to be a relaxing time. Some facial acupuncture treatments include a massage and a mask to soothe your face and help you relax. The process works for all skin types!

Question #4: How often should a session be booked?

Needles are a turn-off for some people, so start off with a single session just to see how bothered you are by the procedure. Fear not! Many first-timers end up being won-over by the treatment and are subsequently encouraged to sign up for a package of six sessions, or one treatment per week for a total of six weeks.


Question #5: What are the results like?

Don't expect the procedure to be a quick fix for lackluster skin. To have your facial and body skin look visibly better, up to six weeks of treatment are recommended and sometimes required. Patience and consistency with the process are key to seeing results, with many clients wholly swearing by the treatment. What do you get out of it? Firmer, brighter skin and less small knots of stress and tension in the face, overall!


Signing up for rounds of acupuncture for face is one surefire way to beat the surgical scalpel in the long-run. With constant treatment, your body and face will better be able to process the kind of stress and tension that would invite skin fugliness.

Today, you got the inside scoop on how a facial acupuncture treatment could revamp your skin’s look and feel. Eager to read the nitty-gritty details on other health and beauty procedures? Download the MOBILESTYLES App, or visit us at:


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