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Check Out These Chic Festival Proof Coachella Outfits

Check Out These Chic, Festival Proof Coachella Outfits

Music festivals are back in season and we couldn’t be more excited! Here are some Coachella outfits you should consider this year.

Festival season is just around the corner and we have some Coachella outfits and ideas you have to try!

Festivals were put on hold due to the global pandemic. Now that they’re back, it’s time to break out your very best fits.

We've all been waiting for music festivals to come back around. The music line-ups, vibes, and hangouts with friends create lasting memories. One of the keys to a fantastic experience is crafting the perfect Coachella outfits. With the right outfit, you can pop off on Instagram and stay comfortable!


The basics of Bohemian fashion

Coachella trends take inspiration from boho and SoCal fashion styles. Bohemian outfits originate from the 19th century but came into their own from the hippie movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Here are some staples pieces to this free-spirited aesthetic:

  • Fringe
  • Free-flowing dresses
  • Pleasant blouses
  • Denim shorts
  • Flower crowns
  • Ankle boots
  • Floral details
  • Round sunglasses
  • Bare midriffs
  • Flash tattoos
  • Beading
  • Embroidery
  • Wood jewelry


Influencers for inspiration

Crafting a unique bohemian-inspired outfit will take a bit of inspiration. Influencers and celebrities like the Olsen twins, Kate Moss, thesaltyblonde, and a few others are great places to start.

Some of these trendsetters have changed their style and incorporated elements from other aesthetics over the years. You can draw inspiration from their past looks or use their new looks as a jumping-off point.

Expect streetwear and Y2K trends

Y2K fashion, ‘90s throwbacks, and streetwear outfits will be expected at Coachella 2022. Imagine Bratz Dolls, pastel color palettes, and hip-hop aesthetics. Here are some staples pieces for these style trends:

  • Baby tees
  • Velour tracksuits
  • Denim
  • Mini skirts
  • Kitsch accessories
  • Grunge styles

Influencers for inspiration

The bright colors from Y2K and ‘90s trends can be intimidating. Thankfully, you can pull inspiration from different influencers to help you create the perfect Coachella look.

Coachella outfit ideas

Your perfect Coachella outfits will come down to your taste and preference. We have you covered if you didn't draw enough inspiration from the influencers mentioned above!

1. Classic Bohemian

Bohemian and SoCal fashion trends are the go-to when it comes to Coachella. Try wearing a long, flowing white dress. Add some boots, a belt, and sunglasses to elevate the look. Tie the whole look together with some aviators, jewelry, and glitter decals.

2. Casual denim

Staying comfortable is essential at any music festival. One way to stay relaxed and chic is with a casual denim outfit. Pair denim shorts, Chelsea boots, and a lace top for a comfortable all-day outfit. You can utilize gold accessories, bandanas, and cowboy hats to take your outfit to the next level.

3. Hippie vibes

You can use flower crowns, fringe pieces, light-brown color palettes, and gold accessories to bring out your inner star-child. Consider pairing these pieces with glitter accessories and flash tattoos to tie the look together.


How to stay safe and comfortable

Music festivals can be unique experiences. We'd be remiss not to give you some tips on safety and how to stay comfortable. With these dos and don'ts, you can rest assured your Coachella experience will be one for the ages.

Festival dos

  • Follow all official rules, restrictions, and guidelines
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Wear closed-toe shoes
  • Use the buddy system
  • Make friends
  • Bring a fanny pack or small bag
  • Wear comfortable clothing

Festival don'ts

  • Take drinks or substances from strangers
  • Bring expensive valuables
  • Go overboard: take a break if you need to
  • Mix substances, drugs, or alcohol together
  • Forget to lock your car or other valuables
  • Be afraid to connect with others and make friends

Coachella outfits take inspiration from Bohemian and hippie aesthetics. However, you can craft the perfect outfit with some inspiration and creativity. Be sure to follow all the safety protocols, wear closed-toe shoes, and avoid sketchy situations. We're sure your 2022 festival season will be one to remember with these tips in mind.

What’s your 2022 Coachella outfit? Let us know on Instagram at



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