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Take Charge With These Body Language Tricks

Take Charge With These Body Language Tricks

Nonverbal communication is crucial to how others perceive you. Take charge of your next meeting with these body language tricks.

With these nonverbal body language tricks, you can communicate with confidence and certainty in your next meeting.

How you present yourself is crucial to how others perceive you. Here are some simple hacks to take charge of your career and environment.

Humans communicate in so many different ways. You may have heard that only 7% of how we communicate is through words alone. This may or may not be accurate. However, sitting, standing, and carrying yourself can significantly impact how others perceive you. You can take charge of your environment with these simple body language tricks.

1. Maintain eye contact

Maintaining consistent eye contact is vital to communicating confidence, interest, and trust. Avoiding eye contact can make you appear anxious and dishonest. You can show your colleagues respect and build stronger bonds by maintaining eye contact and using active listening techniques.

2. Refrain from fidgeting

Fidgeting with your pen, squirming in your chair, or wiggling around makes you appear nervous or impatient to others; however, standing in a military pose or being too stiff isn’t ideal either. The general rule of thumb is to use natural, subtle, and controlled movements to elevate your points.


3. Mirror the other person

Mirroring or imitating another person’s body language is often subconscious and a sign of interest or intrigue. You can employ these tactics by watching how others move their body, as well as their facial expressions. Doing so conveys to the person that you’re on their side and interested in what they’re communicating. It’s best not to go overboard with mirroring, as you can start to look like a mime.

4. Stay open and inviting

Try to keep your body language relaxed and sincere during your next meeting. You might cross your arms or cover your vital organs when nervous and uncomfortable. However, keeping your body language open conveys confidence and honesty.

These are just a few body language tricks you can use during your next meeting or brunch. A few other good tips are to adopt a firm handshake, take a wide stance, and smile sincerely.

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