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Our 5 Best PRO Tips for Clear Communication With Clients

Our 5 Best PRO Tips for Clear Communication With Clients

Do you fumble sometimes with what you say to clients? We have some gold nuggets of advice for establishing clear communication with your clients.

Clear communication with your PRO clients starts with some basic concepts and ideas — 5 of which we will happily explain to you here.

You may be under-communicating with your clients and, hence, leaving money on the table as you engage with them. Read on to find out how to close the gap between what's in their mind and what's in yours — our recommendations for clear communication can be easily grasped by any experienced health or beauty PRO for greater success.

Crystal clear communication is essential to any thriving PRO business.

Tip #1: Know yourself to be the solution

Most of us are typically unaware of our own role in creating a communication jam with a client. We may have internalized the idea that others ought to do most of the job of clearly communicating aspects of your PRO biz, such as: policies, answers to questions, the how-tos of your service procedures, expected gratuity, etc.

The first, most vital step in communicating clearly, though, is to have the steely determination to be the solution, not the problem. When putting a face to your business in front of the world, be prepared to be a constant stickler for clear communication. As a result, your clients will have more and more respect for you, the more they engage with you.

Tip #2: Change to a more externalized way of thinking

When you know something very well, it can be hard to realize that other people aren't aware of even the starter basics of what you know. Become aware of the gap between your depth of knowledge and that of your team members. Don’t fall for the assumption that people know what needs to be undertaken or what's vital. Step 2 of communicating clearly is perpetually striving to get your thoughts out of your mind and into the air, or onto paper, where others can hear or read them.


​​Tip #3: Gently remind others to be clearer

Before you write a message, ask yourself, How can I ensure success in my communication with my client? Before clicking send, always go over the message to make sure it's as clear as it can be. Because communication is a two-way street, you may, at times, need to push others to be clear in their responses to you. Remember, some people live in their heads too much and may have the habit of both using vague language and omitting vital information. Gently prod them to make their meanings clearer.


Tip #4: Always confirm your understanding

Communication actually happens at the “click” the recipient person's mind makes when he or she hears your words but also grasps them. You may be used to requesting a read receipt at times with your email communications, but you also need to work on receiving an "I understand” receipt from the other party, as well. Questions you can ask that boost communication are: "What are you understanding from what I've just said?” or, "Is anything unclear about that?"

Tip #5: Over-communicate

Over-communication can happen, but it's not a bad thing to be an over-communicator — particularly with people who are known to be deeply distracted and busy. Forgetfulness can plague these people, despite their best intentions to try and remember what you told them. Over-communicate significantly to these people so that the final message finally sinks in, and success more likely manifests. After all, it’s better to over-communicate than to under-communicate!


Clear communication with clients is within easy reach so long as you follow our 5 tips above. Practice, practice, and practice externalizing your thoughts so that your relationships with clients improve and your biz grows significantly, as worthwhile results!

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