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4 Natural Migraine Self-Care Remedies That Kiss Off the Pain

4 Natural Migraine Self-Care Remedies That Kiss Off the Pain

Looking to ditch migraine pain for good? Try some alternatives — we pitch you our best, most trustable migraine self-care remedies.

When you're living through a migraine, you want it to stop — in the immediate NOW. Introducing: migraine self-care!

Our migraine self-care remedies are easy to prepare and have no side effects that are harmful to the body. Sure, there are quite a few different remedies out there — each one reasonably successful in treating the dreadful affliction (often featuring medication). We describe here a few that are certainly worth a shot at trying.

The next time a migraine is pounding in your head, have a crack at these alternative remedies!

Eat magnesium-rich foods

Found in significant amounts in certain foods — think dried figs, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds and mackerel — magnesium may be the all-natural solution to your migraine woes. Scientists have found that most people who live with the tension headaches have low levels of magnesium in their brains and bodies when migraines strike. Several placebo-based clinical studies have concluded that when magnesium is consumed, migraine pain tapers off.

Not especially fond of mackerel or pumpkin seeds? Relax, it's totally fine to ingest the magnesium you need through a supplement. Aim to swallow 400 mg per day of either chelated magnesium or magnesium oxide to reap the benefits of this wonderful mineral nutrient.

Take feverfew and white willow

A milestone British study that hit the headlines back in the 1980s found that migraines went away in more than 70% of participants who daily took the herb feverfew. The results of the study made the herb the migraine home remedy of choice for multitudes of people. Multiple studies since then further confirmed the herb's superpower in treating and preventing migraines.

White willow is another herb naturopathic physicians rave about for eliminating migraines. Dubbed “Nature's Aspirin,” white willow can be taken in combination with feverfew, easily and readily.


Soak your feet

Stress and tension are often the causing culprits behind most migraines, so it makes sense that focusing on relaxing activities can lessen the pain. A foot bath, however, is the relaxing activity to engage in, because it draws your blood to your feet, relieving the pressure affecting the blood vessels in your head during the migraine. Just remember to keep the temps of the water hot, so you can lay back and allow the treatment to work its sweet magic.


Apply pressure

For migraine relief that’s in the here and now, acupressure is a self-care remedy worth trying. Your mission is to locate the pressure point known as the Valley of Harmony, located in the “V” — or center of the web — between your thumb and index finger on both hands. Pressing on this well-known acupressure point can beat the migraine in a matter of minutes. The idea is to continue pressing until you feel some discomfort, thereafter maintaining the pressure with steady force for just about two minutes.

Working with this pressure point not only soothes migraines, it can give you a welcome boost of energy, as well as soothe the symptoms of the common cold and flu.

Conclusion: Our natural migraine self-care remedies can chase off the migraine gremlins so you can find genuinely good relief without being medicated. But what’s stopping you from also stocking up on magnesium-rich foods, or on white willow and feverfew? Keep them in your pantry for when you’re in need of an emergency migraine fix.


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