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A Shaving Guide for the One Drifting Back to a Razor

A Shaving Guide for the One Drifting Back to a Razor

It happens. It's been ages since you last saw your waxing therapist and you're falling back to the razor — here's our best shaving guide 101!

Delve into our shaving guide here — it's the memory refresher you need so that you can shave with confidence.

If it's been a while since you've waxed, well, it's very likely you've got a jungle on your legs. When you can't just fit in a waxing appointment, and the razor is looking like your only friend, turn to our shaving guide below. We recap the basic points of the process, so that you can well avoid acquiring an ugly shaving rash.

Here's a recap of shaving 101 — the 5 pointers you'll need to do a slick job of shaving, without the skin burn you could get out of it. Our tips are worthy must-reads!


Step 1: Use a clean, sharp razor

Using an old or dull razor blade is going to set you on the dreaded path of getting skin irritation or ingrown hairs, so change your razor blade regularly. How often? It depends. If you're aiming to shave your skin every other day, replace your blade with a new one every three weeks, or sooner or later depending on how frequently you shave.

Step 2: Dampen your skin beforehand

A few minutes are all you need to do this, so don't even dream of clearing your schedule for the good skin soak. Place your body in a bathtub of water for around three minutes (pro tip: kill two birds with one stone and shampoo your head hair in the meantime). The soak will hydrate the skin and soften your body hairs, readying them for a good shave. The wet, hydrated hair will cut more easily, amounting to a lot less friction.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Gently scrub your skin or use an exfoliating mitt to lightly exfoliate the areas of the body you plan to shave. Doing so will slough off any dead skin and head off ingrown hairs. Feel free to turn this into a habit when you bathe or shower in between shaving sessions.


Step 4: Use foam made for shaving

You may have used shower gel in the past to do the deed, but by no means is it the best product for the job. We salute shaving foam — a grooming product that has been specifically fabricated to lubricate the skin and prevent irritation and friction. Shower gel, in turn, might dry out your skin and coat the hairs, making it that much harder to cut during your shave.

Step 5: Shave in the direction of hair growth

You may be tempted to shave in the opposite direction to hair growth, as this results in a closer shave. However, doing this will significantly boost your chances of having your skin go through a not-so-lovely irritation phase. To fully keep the irritation at bay, make it a point to go over a specific skin area once or twice only — a sharp razor should keep you from shaving too many times over one same skin area.


Our shaving guide above makes shaving a breeze, whenever you choose to pick up the razor and go for it. Following every step will have you attaining a clean, smooth shave every time, without the redness and irritation to spoil your beauty hour.

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