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Estheticians Apps Heres Why Social Media And On-Demand Apps Are Your Best Friends

Estheticians Apps: Here’s Why Social Media And On-Demand Apps Are Your Best Friends

Any aspiring esthetician apps should include multiple forms of social media. Marketing is an ever-changing beast, and social media seems like it’ll be a primary focus for a long time!

An esthetician’s apps are going to be their gateway to success.

We all know that businesses have been using social media successfully for marketing purposes, but how do estheticians, stylists, and makeup artists fit in?

No matter what service you're selling, marketing is a must. There a few must-have esthetician apps that you’ll need to incorporate into your social media marketing strategy. Social media is a great way to help get your services out there and seen by a ton of potential clients, and also an amazing tool for communicating with anyone who may be interested in your work.

Here are some great ways of using social media to thrive as an esthetician.


Provide photos and descriptions of all the procedures you offer

The simplest reason why you need to start using social media: photos. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are all great locations to provide the visual content needed to show your procedures and a short caption explaining how and why your future clients need to have them. Basically, each post can be seen as a mini sales pitch for that particular service. As an esthetician, you're going to be working with many clients who have different skin tones, body types, and skin textures, so it's important to showcase how you can work with a variety of clients, no matter the situation. Using social media as a digital portfolio of sorts is great for any potential clients that can see you’re able to cater to their specific needs.

Communicate with followers and potential clients through DMs and comments

Communication with customers is incredibly vital to any business. Service-based industries, like yours, are going to need even more communication with your clientele because the “product” isn't a simple one-time purchase, but more-so an investment on themselves and their body that you can hopefully continue to sell to your dedicated clients over time. Being able to answer any questions about a service is an incredible way social media has shaped the service industry. If a client sees one of your posts about a facial or spray tan that you completed and inquires about that particular service in the comment section, you'll be able to communicate with them instantly through a quick reply that not only they will see, but anyone else who may have had the same exact question! That comment will stay there for any potential customer to see and have their inquiries answered before needing to reach out. If the question is more sensitive, you can even have them DM you so that you can have a one-on-one conversation privately about their concerns.


Utilize influencers and marketing collaborations

Social influencers are a relatively new way of branching out your marketing. These influencers are going to be on every possible social media app, and their biggest draw for you will be exposure. I know, “exposure” is a word that is topic for debate, but when there are so many different businesses out there fighting for a spot in the light, having your name put out there is a huge step in leveling up your marketing game. Reaching out to potential influencers and providing them with discounted services and products for them to “review” for their audiences will not only showcase all of your services to (potentially) millions, but also show the quality of your work and what makes you stand out against the rest of the crowd.

Brings a face to the business

More than ever, people are looking to support more local businesses instead of huge corporations. People love when celebrities seem “real” by showing us their personal struggles or home-lives, because they suddenly become relatable. Businesses are no different — people love seeing that a business is filled with “real” people who aren’t just corporate drones. Relatability is a trait that customers tend to really look for these days, and social media is one of the best places to showcase that. Putting your esthetician business on full display day-to-day, or showing the struggles of running your own business, can really bring you down to a level that many customers love. Suddenly, you’re not just a brand, but a person who happens to run a business. Being real with your demographic will make them love you more, and nothing beats the competition more than showing that you actually care about your clients and business. So many apps utilize “stories” and “reels” now, so an esthetician would benefit from using these to showcase their daily routines or fun little videos that give an insight to who YOU are as an esthetician, and why customers won't just love your services, but you as well!


Mobile On-Demand Apps

Now that you have a your work for show on your social media pages and your following is starting to grow, its time to branch out into house-calls! With the emergence of on-demand beauty apps, the process of having a stylist or nail tech work out of a clients home has never been easier! By working through these apps, you’ll be able to pick days where you're available for house-call appointments instead of working out of your salon like usual. With apps like the MOBILESTYLES App, you'll be able to schedule your days and radius of travel that you're willing to take on. This makes it very convenient for those who perhaps enjoy a more open-schedule and love to have a bit more independence. It’s also great for your followers who may want to have work done by you, but are unable to get to your usual workspace. Now you can come to them instead!


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