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Make That First Haircut Memorable Not Miserable

Make That First Haircut Memorable, Not Miserable

A child’s first haircut doesn’t have to be traumatic!

Getting a first haircut is a big day for the parents and the child.

We’ve all seen the pictures on social media — the ones our friend’s post of their child’s first haircut. Some of these children look happy, while others look terrified and tortured. How can this “first” be more enjoyable and less miserable for little ones? How can we take the trauma out of getting a haircut? We came up with ways that parents and hairstylists can make a child’s haircut something they actually enjoy… imagine that!

Children face many emotions when experiencing a haircut for the first time.


Prep your child

You can bring your child to your appointment so they can see what it’s like before their big day. This gives them the chance to meet the hairstylist and see that it isn’t such a scary place. Also, make sure that you pick a time of day when you know they won’t be tired or hungry. There’s no need to set yourself up for disaster!

Distraction is key

Bring a book or a device for them to watch videos, especially if they have to wait for a while beforehand. This will also calm them down when they get in the chair. You could also bring a toy from home that might make them feel better, like their favorite teddy bear.

Watch your words

Maybe don’t even call it a “haircut.” That might scare them. Call it a “trim” or “hairstyle.” Also, for the blow dryer, use the word “wind machine” and for the buzzer, call it “Mr. Buzzzzz.” The noises in a salon might make them nervous, but using different words will help it seem fun!

There are no real rules for success when it comes to a child’s first haircut. Maybe they’ll want to sit on your lap in the chair, or perhaps they prefer not to wear the cape. Just go with it, and let the stylist take the lead. Remember to keep a lock of hair from their first haircut for the baby book. And for being good, don’t forget to bring a special treat!

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