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Why You Need Hair Sun Protection Too Pro Tips and Top Products

Why You Need Hair Sun Protection Too: Pro Tips and Top Products

Hair sun protection soothes both your locks and scalp while also shielding against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Check out our pro tips and recommendations.

Use hair sun protection to keep your locks and scalp safe against harmful UV rays.

Here’s why your hair has sun care needs, too!

SPF is a fundamental element of any skincare routine, shielding the face and body from the damaging effects of the sun. But did you know you should be using hair sun protection, as well? We explore why and offer up some helpful product recommendations and tips.

Why do I need to protect my hair from the sun?

- To prevent damage and lock in moisture

When hair is exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, free radicals can attack and weaken its structure, leading to brittle strands. High temperatures can cause dryness and disrupt the pH levels in your scalp, stripping it of its natural oils.

- To maintain color

Those with color-treated hair have another reason to use protective products, as nothing fades a fresh dye quicker than numerous hours spent in the sun!

- To shield your scalp

The scalp is a commonly forgotten area of the skin that is especially prone to sun damage. Although it may be covered in hair, the sun’s UV rays are still able to penetrate it, causing long-term damage and increasing your risk of various health issues. Don’t worry though – you don’t have to slather a load of greasy cream onto your head and ruin your ‘do! Here are some products we recommend:

Banana Boat Sport Quik Dri Scalp Spray Sunscreen SPF 30, $16.04

This budget-friendly scalp spray is unscented, lasts for up to 80 minutes, and uses a clear, non-oily formula that will provide your scalp with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Mist, $29

Once a cult favorite lotion, this convenient heat protectant is now available in a mist. Just throw it in your beach bag and spray all over dry hair before sun exposure. You can also use it for heat-styling.


Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence, $30

This award-winning product is lightweight enough to be used every day, protects hair from both heat styling and UV rays, and provides a shot of intense conditioning. It’s a breeze to apply on either wet or dry hair. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, CO2 negative, and uses 100% recyclable packaging.


Sachajuan Hair In The Sun, $35

If you tire of having to reapply, this one’s for you! This water-resistant, cream-based formula will stay in place even after a swim or shower, with its UVQ technology sitting on the surface of the hair and effectively absorbing UV rays.

Don’t neglect your locks: always use hair sun protection when you’re heading out! Try to avoid prolonged sun exposure and don’t forget to wear your fave hat for extra scalp protection! Download MOBILESTYLES App on the App Store or Google Play Store today and book a mobile hairstylist to get your hair summer ready!


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