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9 Small Business Packaging Ideas to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

9 Small Business Packaging Ideas to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Small business packaging ideas can be hard to find. That’s why we found 9 of them!

Check out these small business packaging ideas to create an impact.

One of the hardest things to do when starting your own business is creating packaging that is not only affordable but also makes an impact on your customers. Instead of sticking to the plain Jane items, check out these 9 small business packaging ideas that will take your brand to the next level.

The ideas below will leave an impression on your customers!


Personalized tissue paper

No need to stick to solid-colored tissue paper; instead, you can create personalized paper with your logo or graphics on it. How do you do this without adding stickers or spending an arm and a leg for customized paper from a different company? With stamps, of course! If you don’t already have one, we recommend purchasing your logo as a stamp. From there, you can stamp it all over any tissue paper (or other items) you purchase.

Personalized bags

If you have a Cricut and a small business, then this next idea may be just perfect for you. On the Cricut, there is a marker feature that allows you to insert markers, and it will draw on any surface you place on the mat. Therefore, a boring paper bag can transform into a fun, unique, or personalized shopping bag with very minimal effort!

Brand stickers or cards

Stickers or cards with your name or logo on them are a quick and easy method to dress up your box and gain brand awareness. These are significantly less expensive than personalized boxes, but they still make a statement. This saves money for your company, especially if you print the cards yourself and provide a pleasant bundle for your customers.


Craft paper & twine

Simple craft paper and string are always a good idea! Besides being affordable, you also can do anything you want on them. For example, you can add little bits of dried flowers to your package as a small, cute addition.

Repurposed newspaper or comic strips

Wrapping your product in old newspapers or comic strips is a unique approach to packaging that will appeal to your clients. Another appealing feature of newspapers is that each box is unique, making each buyer feel special. Plus, you’re being eco-friendly by reusing paper.

Handwritten notes

Every customer will feel special and valued if you include a handwritten note or some personal art, either inside or outside their package. It may be as easy as putting a cheerful face on each package. Inside the packaging, some business owners include “thank you” cards or entertaining, product-related polaroids.

Matching product and packaging designs

Maybe you want to switch up your packaging now and then, or maybe you have a monthly subscription-based small business and want to change it up every month. Labels that fit the product's design are a distinctive packing idea that you can easily try out. Matching the packaging with the product gives customers a fun teaser!

Hand-painted package wrap

Like the concept of bespoke wrapping for your small business, but can't afford it right now? DIY is an easy solution — all you need is craft paper and paint! Then, go to town creating abstract art or even murals on the paper. You can also make it an opportunity for engagement if you ask your customers to post the packaging online for a chance to win a prize.


Custom care instruction tags

The last thing that will set you apart from other small businesses is adding personal, thoughtful touches like custom care instruction tags. Care instructions might be simple or elaborate, with the design matching the rest of the container. It's the little things that make a difference in your packaging and demonstrate that you care about your items.

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