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Losing It Celebrity Female Hair Loss and How They Deal With It

Losing It! Celebrity Female Hair Loss and How They Deal With It

Tips from Hollywood about celebrity female hair loss.

You are not alone: Celebrity female hair loss exists too.

Hair loss is not something usually associated with women. We all know the perils men face with losing hair as they age, but did you know the American Academy of Dermatology reported that by 40 years old, 40% of women experience hair loss too? Women like Tyra Banks and Keira Knightley have helped normalize the issue by talking about their experience with celebrity female hair loss.


Many famous women open up about celebrity female hair loss.

Ricki Lake

It only took Ricki Lake 30 years before she was so fed up with dealing with hair loss that she decided to shave her head. For Lake, dealing with hair loss was deeply emotional.

Viola Davis

It was stress-related issues that led to hair loss for Viola Davis. She first started noticing the issue of alopecia areata at 28 years old. Davis used wigs to hide the baldness, but has spent time working on any triggers that would normally cause her stress.

Kristin Davis

Largely ignoring the issue of her hair loss, which began after wrapping up the final season of Sex and the City (since professionals mostly fixed her hair for her), Kristin Davis knew she had a problem that she had to face when one day she tried to do her own hair and realized there wasn’t much there. She became a brand ambassador for Volaire hair-volumizing products after the products were recommended to her by one of her hairstylists.

Kiera Knightley

It was not a big surprise to Kiera Knightley that her hair began to fall out since she had color-treated for many years for different films. Her hair grew back after she became pregnant. She admitted that wigs helped her hide the issue.

Tyra Banks

Stress was also the culprit for hair loss in Tyra Banks. She began experiencing alopecia areata when she was working on her book, Modelland, in 2011. She admits that she was not practicing healthy habits in terms of self-care and has since worked on lowering the stress levels in her life.

Celebrity female hair loss and the famous women who have publicly admitted to dealing with the issue, has resonated with women everywhere. To some degree, hair loss is a normal part of aging, but there is help and treatment options available. If you are a woman experiencing hair loss, talk to your doctor.

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