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5 Music Festival Outfit Tips You Need to Know

5 Music Festival Outfit Tips You Need to Know

Rock out to your favorite jams while looking great at the same time with these 5 music festival outfit tips.

Smart yet cute looks are music to our ears — introducing: music festival outfits.

In the United States, there are 800 music festivals where thousands of people attend. If you’ve ever been to one, you may have seen all kinds of fashion statements. While you want to look fabulous, you want to be prepared, as well. That’s why you need to check out these five music festival outfit tips.

Get the tips below.

Dress cute but comfy

The first music festival outfit tip you need to follow is to prioritize comfort. You don't want to wear something that will only cause you additional discomfort. Instead, stick to an outfit that makes you feel comfortable while looking cute at the same time.

Wear comfortable shoes

One of the biggest mistakes people make while getting ready for a music festival is not wearing the right shoes. Typically at these events, you’ll be walking or standing all day. Without the proper support or comfort, nasty, painful blisters will appear. Avoid this at all costs by wearing comfortable shoes that match your ensemble. There’s no shame in wearing sneakers!

Layer up

Wearing multiple layers is always a smart choice for a festival, especially if it's during the winter. Once you warm up, you can remove articles of clothing until you feel comfortable. If you’re going to a festival during the spring or summer, we suggest wearing a light jacket, shirt, and tank top. During the day, you can adjust your clothing to match the temperature.


Wear lightweight accessories

As you know, accessories always take every outfit to the next level, but when you’re at a music festival walking, standing, jumping, and dancing all day, you don’t want heavy accessories to weigh you down. Instead, stick to lightweight items that won’t add extra pressure or weight to your body.

Protect yourself from the sun

Many people get sunburns from music festivals, but there are so many articles of clothing you can wear to protect yourself from UV rays. For example, there are UV-resistant tops, sunglasses, and hats. When in doubt, always wear sunblock — even on cloudy days!

With these music festival outfits in tow, you’ll be the queen or king of every live music concert. Show us how you rock out! Send us your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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